Digital Procurement Survey

5th Edition

Procurement departments set very ambitious digitalisation objectives for 2027, with an average target of 70% digitalisation

Investment Trends

Small and medium-sized companies are increasing investment in digital transformation, while larger companies maintain substantial capacity for investment. CPOs prioritize data analytics and process digitalization as their top focus areas. They also emphasize risk management, CSR use cases, and contract lifecycle management.

Source-to-Pay solution is the norm

Procurement departments are becoming increasingly digital. The use of Source-to-Pay  solutions is the norm, with 94% of survey respondents reporting that they use such platforms. Among the key success factors for implementing a digital solution, companies look first at business criteria before considering the technical aspects

Priorities CSR & Contract Lifecycle Management

In the area of CSR, managing environmental issues is the top priority for procurement departments for the next three years, in particular reducing scope 3 emissions. Half of the companies surveyed plan to invest in CLM tools in the next three years, as they recognize the potential for time savings, cost reductions, and improved compliance.


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