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SDG VR Experience

Like the SDG Dome, the VR Experience also focuses on today’s most urgent sustainability issues – and how achieving the SDGs can solve these issues. The SDG VR is an interactive VR-experience, specifically developed to use in meetings or at events.  

The experience is not bound to a location and is therefore a flexible option for a range of occasions. It can be used as a tool to inspire different stakeholders, but also as an innovative way to break the ice in conversations.

This experience has two options: a VR experience with Pods (special chairs) and a VR only experience. The experience consists of a 5 minute VR film including or excluding an individual game. The version including the game takes 15 minutes and gives a personal score. Additionally, one of our SDG experts can guide the session.

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Wineke Haagsma

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Tom Kroes

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