Reduce the carbon footprint of your employees

Environmental Footprint Insights: empowering employees to make sustainable choices

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems in the world today. At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role to play in averting climate change and unlocking the potential of sustainable growth. And we are determined to play our part. That is why we have committed to net zero, which also means supporting our clients with their own sustainability transformation. 

The net zero transformation requires a change on all levels of the organisation. Our research showed that work mobility is a significant polluter in many corporations, including PwC. To drive more sustainable work mobility behavior in order to realise the net zero scenario, a crucial first step is to provide personal insights into the organisations CO2 emissions for all levels: management, employees and (project) teams. That is exactly where Environmental Footprint Insights comes in.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide guidance for your sustainable progress. So, let’s create tomorrow.

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Environmental Footprint Insights

​Reducing your employees' carbon footprint. Environmental Footprint Insights is a CO2 dashboard to encourage sustainable business (travel) behaviour among employees and to monitor the CO2 footprint of companies and employees. Together towards a sustainable future.  

​Environmental Footprint Insights ​became one of the three winners of PwC's Global Innovation Challenge 2021. ​The Challenge is a chance for everyone at PwC to showcase their skills and innovative human-led, tech-powered commercial solutions to solve important problems for our clients and society.

Legacy and lack of insight prevent organisations to make a real shift

Sustainability must become an integral part of business processes and work environments. However, our research showed that employees often experience several barriers when it comes to changing travel behaviour:

  • Lack of insight: ‘I don't know how high my footprint is and how I can lower it.’
  • Wrong incentives: ‘I’m held accountable for the cost-efficiency of my mobility, not the sustainability of it.’
  • Conflicting expectations: ‘We are expected to work at the office in order to collaborate effectively.’
  • Perception of productivity loss: ‘The train takes too much time.’
  • Lack of flexibility in the mobility plan: ‘I'm stuck with my fossil fuel lease car for five years.’

Making the invisible visible: Giving employees insight into their emissions

In order to create awareness, give insights and inspire employees to understand the impact of their mobility choices, we developed the tool Environmental Footprint Insights. This tool enables both management and employees to plan and execute projects more sustainably by forecasting and tracking the carbon footprint directly caused by their (project's) mobility.

Our multi-pronged approach to reduce CO2 emissions

Mobility options, organisational culture and ways of working are preventing employees from changing their behaviour and making more sustainable mobility choices. To really empower employees, we take a closer look at the organisation as a whole by considering the business (processes & policies), technology (providing user-friendly and relevant tools) and experience perspective (changing behaviour of employees and leadership).

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Environmental Footprint Insights

What makes Environmental Footprint Insights unique?

  • The transformation journey is the starting point; the tool is there to support. The question we focus on is how we can empower and inspire employees to make more sustainable (mobility) choices, not how we can successfully implement a tool. We are there to support you throughout your entire sustainability transformation.
  • The user is at the centre of our solution. We have built the design of the tool around employee preferences based on research and we are continuously testing and improving the tool based on changing needs. This resulted in the creation of a seamlessly integrated service offering where manual input from users is not needed.
  • Next to the personal view, we also provide the project or team view. Many sustainable mobility apps only show your personal footprint. Instead, we also show (1) the footprint of the entire organisation so that people can make comparisons and (2) the footprint on a team or project level to effectively forecast and track your (project) team’s footprint.
  • We walk the talk. We do not only offer Environmental Footprint Insights to our clients, but we also use it ourselves. We take sustainability seriously and have therefore taken many steps to make our operations more sustainable and increase awareness amongst employees. Because of this, we have a lot of hands-on experience with driving such a sustainability transformation and implementing such a tool in a (large) organisation like our own.

Curious to see a demo of Environmental Footprint Insights? Or do you want to hear more on how we can help you to kickstart or accelerate your sustainable (mobility) transformation? Reach out to discuss how we might be able to inspire or support you.

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