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Inspiring the next generation

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been established in 2015 by adults, with the objective to achieve these goals by 2030 at latest. However, it will be today’s children who will live with the consequences of whether or not the goals will be reached. Therefore, it is extremely relevant for them that these goals are reached to preserve a livable and sustainable world. It is only logical to involve this next generation, the NextGen, in the actions necessary to achieve the SDGs.

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PwC - NextGen SDG Experience

Watch the video to see how children experience the NextGen SDG Experience and how it inspires them.

Taking action

For this reason PwC has developed the NextGen SDG Experience, in cooperation with Rooftop Immersive Studio and The Ark. This experience focuses on children between 10 and 16 of age and aims to make them aware of the relevance of the SDGs and to inspire them to act. The ultimate impact can be great when they share their enthusiasm with their families and others in their immediate vicinity to act and contribute to achieving the SDGs as well.

The Experience

The NextGen SDG Experience is an interactive, 20 minutes VR-experience and game on the SDGs. The game has been adjusted to the target group, to make sure it matches their world of experience. The game can be played as a team. The children are challenged in co-creation to realize a sustainable world in 2030. A maximum of 10 children can participate in the experience at the same time.

This NextGen SDG Experience, just as the original SDG Dome, draws the attention to new technologies and concrete personal actions contributing to realizing the SDGs, which will leave children with a positive feeling afterwards. The NextGen SDG Experience can be used on existing SDG Dome locations.

PwC takes its socieatal role with the NextGen SDG Experience and contributes to the sustainability challenge that we all face.

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