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The SDG Experience helps people to understand the urgency of the SDGs while also demonstrating how new technology can offer solutions to major global issues. The aim is to inspire people and organisations alike to help solve the world’s important problems in an innovative, exciting and tech-led interactive way.

The SDG Dome is an interactive virtual reality experience and game of 30 minutes and focuses on the SDGs. Visitors who step inside the 360-degree Dome will be completely immersed into the most important sustainability issues of today. The SDG Dome has been developed to offer visitors an immersive experience that triggers their emotions while educating them about the major problems the world is facing. The Dome also highlights how new technologies offer pathways to solutions and how everyone can play a part. The game challenges participants to accomplish the ultimate mission: to help create a sustainable world by the year 2030.

This immersive experience combines VR with a seamless 360-degree projection. The design of the game makes visitors feel like they are truly in another world. The SDG Dome makes SDGs tangible, triggers emotions and leads to involvement.

It highlights emerging technologies and specific individual actions that can help to realize the SDGs, and leaves people with a positive feeling after the experience. In addition, the interactive and shared VR experience emphasizes team effort instead of individual performance.

The SDG Dome was launched at our PwC Amsterdam office on February 12, 2019 for an initial period of 6 weeks. Due to great interest, both internal and external, the opening period for the SDG Dome has been extended multiple times up to 31 December 2019. More than 3,500 people have already visited the Dome and have all worked together to create a more sustainable world by the year 2030. This created a positive buzz both inside and outside the organisation. Many of our clients also visited the Dome. It is now a great conversation starter and an effective and innovative way of making stakeholders more committed to the SDGs.

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