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As a scale-up you need to focus on the further development of your company. Different business aspects such as marketing, sales, finance and human resources need your attention. These are not always the reasons why you started doing business.

We help you to do a number of things and give advice to help your business move forward. This ensures that

there is more time left for things that will energize you. We offer services at special rates and conditions. These services have the focus to help your business move forward. Our experts understand what is important to you. In addition to that, they open the doors to our (international) network.

Our offer


Masterclasses are regularly organized to help your company move forward.

Access to our network:

In order to grow further, you will gain access to our network. This way you will come into contact with colleagues within the industry and experts on a specific topic.

Special rate:

Together we can build a bright future and that is why we invest in our relationship. Contact us for an interview and a tailor-made offer.

What we can do for you

Tax and legal topics

  1. Cash is king: how to ensure available local grants, tax incentives etc
  2. Plan for success: what legal form should your business take
  3. Stay flexible: how do you maintain flexibility for further expansion of change, how to structure IP ownership
  4. Play by the rules: local taxes, payroll tax, social security
  5. GDPR

Valuation / financing

  1. Know your value: eValuation smart solution
  2. Good to have a plan: everything you need to know about financial planning and analysis
  3. Be prepared: how to well prepare for and manage financing rounds
  4. Subsidies: find the right ways to apply for Government support
  5. Access to talent: find and keep talent

Reporting / administration/ payroll

  1. One digital stop to be compliant: meet bookkeeping, (group)reporting and payroll requirements
  2. Grow: how to deal with deals, mergers, takeovers

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Noor Sanders

Noor Sanders

Partner, PwC Netherlands

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