Social added value at reduced costs

Digital technology offers major opportunities for public organisations. And these opportunities are resulting in changing expectations among citizens, patients, students and other groups in the public domain. How can organisations in the public sector use technology to innovate services and generate benefits for society at a lower cost?

Modification of ICT and organisation

People in today's society want to access public services irrespective of time and place. This is a major change for organisations which previously tended to work offline. For instance, the government has now adopted digital platforms and storage in clouds. The healthcare sector is experimenting with mHealth solutions and the education sector is developing digital teaching tools in order to assist children away from the classroom. Is your organisation ready for these digital possibilities?

Social added value at reduced costs

Privacy and cyber security

Front-office digitalisation has a major impact on back-office infrastructure, which means ICT systems require large-scale modification. This also means special attention must be given to privacy of personal details, cyber security and flexibility in order to always respond to new applications and preferences. Exactly how safe are your systems?

Analysis of big data

Added value for society will increasingly be attained through data analysis. For instance, the ‘big data’ of municipalities can be used to gain an insight into the relationship between various social problems. And when public organisations supply anonymised open data to third parties, such ‘open sources’ can result in innovations which would not be possible with public investments alone.

We are able to assist you

We are able to assist you

We advise clients in the public sector about how digitalisation within their organisation can have a positive impact on society. We then design IT and organisation-related processes, and supervise the transformation process. Our privacy and cyber security specialists will make sure your systems and methods meet the strictest requirements. We also work with Big Data.Company to develop new applications for data analysis in social issues. How can digitalisation improve the social contribution of your organisation?

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