Agile society

Resilient public sector focused on social effects

The public sector is currently in a tumultuous transition phase. Tasks are changing, public demand is shifting – partly due to the impact of megatrends – and budgets are shrinking. How can your organisation effectively offer social benefits if the environment in which it operates is changing so drastically?

Agile public institutions

Today's complex and rapidly changing world requires agile societies with resilient and compact public organisations. In a participation society, which relies more heavily on civilians, companies and public organisations, the public sector must comply with a number of pre-requisites. This means agile organisations must always be aware of the latest developments and be able to respond quickly. Digitalisation is a major stimulus for the government.

Transparency, accessibility and partnerships

Governments as well as other public institutions must be accessible and respond to the needs of the public. They can do this by intensively collaborating with other public and private organisations in functional networks with different types of supervision. Priority has been given to creating a balance between reducing costs, improving quality and realising the desired social effects.

Accountable for social effects

Such organisations shift the focus from input and output to outcome: the social effects outside the organisation itself. They accept responsibility for their activities and can be held accountable for the social returns they realise.

We are able to assist you

Many public institutions will need to change if they want to create measurable value. We can offer advice about strategic profiles, making social value measurable, governance structure, render assurance, cost reduction and new earning models. Transformations are often needed in organisational structures and work processes so more efficient and result-oriented approaches can be adopted. For instance, we can help with personnel policy and change management, and can e.g. prepare your organisation for effective horizontal monitoring by the Tax Authorities.

Is your organisation resilient and agile enough to help shape today's changing society? Either way, we will be pleased to assist you on this front.

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