Sustainable society

The mission of the public sector

Circular economy, value creation, social enterprises, impact-based management, sharing economy, sustainable energy supply and inclusive enterprise: each term represents a step in the transition to a sustainable society. Did you know that sustainability is a decisive factor in the competitiveness of ’smart urban regions’?

Social impact

We consider sustainability as the main mission for the public sector. Public expectations are a natural foundation for the value created by public organisations. And social impact is the objective organisations must use to provide transparent reporting. Nonetheless, this is not always the case in actual practice. Which steps could you take to sustainably improve your organisation?

The mission of the public sector

Measurable performance

Governments are responsible for imposing legislation which will support this transition. However, this not only means offering support, but also means improving the government's own sustainability-related performance. The most important step for any organisation involves consulting stakeholders in order to formulate long-term objectives. These objectives can then be converted into management information for realising the required social performance and impact. We have developed a unique integrated dashboard for this specific purpose, which helps you to measure your public value.

Partnerships and economies of scale

Partnerships between public institutions, and with the private sector, can also be very beneficial because there are no standard solutions. Such approaches allow industry to use innovation to contribute to sustainability-related objectives. Public parties can use knowledge-sharing and economies of scale to make major advances, and to create a business case for private investment in sustainability. Digital tools and data analysis are now more useful than ever in helping to improve sustainability.

We are able to assist you

We are able to assist you

We will be pleased to assist you in formulating a sustainability strategy which is compatible with results of the dialogue you have with involved stakeholders. We will then help you to make this strategy operational and translate it into management information aimed at your social impact. Finally, reports will be compiled for your main stakeholders, in the form of integrated reporting.

When it comes to governments, for example, we are examining how and with which management information municipalities can achieve their goal of converting waste into a raw material. We evaluate how waste collection has been optimised and whether partnerships with other public and private parties have been implemented effectively. Which sustainability objectives has your organisation established?

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