Six paradoxes of leadership

Six paradoxes of leadership

Addressing the crisis of leadership

As described in PwC’s ADAPT framework, we live in a world that is facing increasingly urgent challenges. New trends follow each other at a rapid pace and leave their mark on decision-making. One direct implication based on the ADAPT framework is, that the need for a new form of leadership has never been more critical and it needs to be acknowledged that there are paradoxes which are becoming crucial for leaders to navigate. 

The critical and most urgent dilemmas leaders are facing today are summarised in the framework of the “Six paradoxes of leadership”. The paradoxes should be considered as a system; they impact each other and all need to be balanced simultaneously. To truly differentiate as a leader, learning how to comfortably inhabit both elements of each paradox will be critical to their success.

6 paradoxes van Leiderschap

6 Paradoxes of Leadership

Navigating a world that is increasingly becoming both global and local

Execute effectively and be strategic at the same time.

Navigating politics while preserving character.

Be more tech-savvy, but don't forget that organizations are run by and for people.

The confidence to act in an uncertain world and recognize when it's wrong

Using the past to drive success into the future.

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Leadership Paradoxes Podcast

In this podcast series, Blair Sheppard, Global Leader, Strategy and Leadership for the PwC Network, Debby Jannink, partner in the Dutch People and Organisation-practice and Anja Sbanski, Global Lead of the PwC Center of Excellence - Leadership and partner in the German People and Organisation practice address that nowadays, leaders are asked to lead in a world that is facing significant and increasingly urgent challenges. In today's digital, complex and uncertain world, leaders need new skills and characteristics that require the ability to possess seemingly opposite capabilities to succeed. Specifically, there are six paradoxes which are becoming increasingly important for leaders to navigate. This podcast series elaborates on these and connects them to the results of this year's CEO Survey and Hopes and Fears survey.

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Vodcast Leadership Paradoxes

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