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Building a smart and responsible AI world

We can’t think of a world without the use of AI anymore. And that’s a good thing, as the use of AI can create big opportunities and huge benefits for businesses and governments, but also for individuals worldwide. However, great potential also comes with considerable risk. Are your algorithms making decisions that align with your values?  Do customers trust you with their data? How is your brand affected if you can’t explain how AI systems work?

Organisations globally are recognising the need for Responsible AI


Boost AI security with validation, monitoring, verification


Create transparent, explainable, provable AI models


Create systems that are ethical, understandable, legal


Improve governance with AI operating models, processes


Test for bias in data, models, human use of algorithms


We currently have no plans to address those AI issues

Source: PwC US - 2019 AI Predictions
Base: 1,001
Q: What steps will your organisation take in 2019 to develop AI systems that are responsible, that is trustworthy, fair and stable?

PwC's Responsible AI Toolkit

You will only be able to fully realise AI’s potential if you anticipate problems and make your systems future-proof. This is what is called responsible AI. Research by PwC shows that organisations globally recognise the need for responsible AI. 

To manage risks that come with the use of AI – risks in the field of performance, security, control, economic, societal or ethical - PwC has created a Responsible AI Toolkit. The toolkit includes the five dimensions of responsible AI and is a suite of customizable frameworks, tools and processes, designed to help you harness the power of AI in an ethical and responsible manner - from strategy through execution. 

With the Responsible AI toolkit, we’ll tailor our solutions to address your organisation’s unique business requirements and AI maturity. It will provide you with insights that will enable you to answer your stakeholder’s questions about your organisation's use of AI and data, from how it’s developed to how it’s governed. 

Are you ready for AI? Find out by taking our free Responsible AI Diagnostic.

PwC's Responsible AI Toolkit is a suite of customizable frameworks, tools and processes designed to help you harness the power of AI in an ethical and responsible manner - from strategy through execution.


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