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PwC + Workday

Empowering workforces with Workday

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In Control with Workday – Continuous Monitoring

Webinar ‘In Control with Workday – Continuous Monitoring’

In this webinar we discussed and showed:

  • How you can digitize compliance to reduce cost and risk
  • The importance of having real time insights in processes, procedures and immediate and long-term risk exposure
  • How the Workday Continuous Monitoring solution automatically monitors transactions, data and processes to ensure your organization is in control.

Do you want to know more please visit our webinar.

Working together to simplify your business

PwC leverages Workday technology to address the issues that shape the structure and strategy of your business

Innovating tomorrow’s workforce

Today’s market forces are constantly pressuring organizations to build high performance cultures, placing talent on par with financial results at the top of the CEO’s agenda.

To be successful, you need a plan that goes beyond just a simple system implementation. You need a new talent and finance strategy specifically tailored to your business and industry along with innovative technology that highlights the role of human capital while effectively managing financial performance.

PwC and Workday can work for you - making that transition from “where we are” to “where we need to be” seem far less daunting.

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Financial management transformation

Driving a financial transformation within an organization is about more than just implementing a software package. It requires understanding the client’s fundamental operating context and the dynamics of the industry. To be successful, you need a true implementation partner who can help you transform the role of the finance function within your organization in order to drive consistency in finance reporting, policies and procedures.

To achieve business process optimization you also need access to a full range of financial capabilities, relevant analytics and metrics, and fully auditable process management that delivers accurate and timely financial information for confident decision making. Now you can achieve these goals with PwC and Workday.

Today’s top companies are leveraging PwC and Workday to transform financial strategies and processes for better results.

CONTRA - Planning the transition to the office during the COVID-19 crisis

After the sudden change of the workforce working completely remotely, organizations now are thinking about how the transition to the office should look like. With health and safety as the main priority, this transition needs to be planned carefully in order to avoid too many employees at the same place at the same time.

Using Workday Extend our Contingency Readiness Application (CONTRA) we aim to help organizations to make these plans. Managers will be able to divide their direct reports into subteams, and each team will come into the office on different days. Employees will get assigned timeblocks for entry and exit times, to avoid crowds during rush hour. Each building and floor can get a max capacity assigned, so that your taskforce can monitor any risks for overcapacity. Dashboards and reports are used to monitor if employees have backups, and if they are not placed in the same teams, to avoid business continuity risks.

With CONTRA your managers will be able to manage this transition in a safe manner in Workday, a system they are already comfortable with. The Workday Extend license is required to deploy this app.

Note: CONTRA is currently not being offered in the US. Please get in touch if you want to learn about similar solutions for the US market.

Getting more value out of Workday with Workday Extend

Having the ability to add on custom apps, while leveraging Workday’s Power of One, is a game changer. Of course with new innovation comes with new challenges.

New discussions will arise, for example: what is the balance between custom vs. off the shelf functionality, what kind of governance structure do you need, and what kind of technical skills will your team need?

More about Workday Extend

With PwC and Workday you can

Unify HR and talent management

PwC and Workday transform your organization by leveraging the power of the cloud to create a unified solution for human resources and financials.

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Gain operational visibility and accuracy

With PwC and Workday you can promote cost-effectiveness by gaining increased operational visibility and accuracy.

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Build effective teams

Use Workday to search for employees by talent, skills, and profile, which allows you to build more effective teams.

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Promote proper regulatory compliance

PwC has solutions that combine our regulatory experience with the technology, reporting and remediation skills necessary to help your organization remain in compliance.

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Take advantage of global consolidation

We aren’t bound by borders. Our practitioners’ industry experience and knowledge in Finance can help you take advantage of instant global consolidation across entities and currencies.

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Increase your organizational agility and innovation

Highlight the role of human capital while effectively managing financial performance. PwC can help you leverage Workday’s cloud-based technologies to gain the agility you need to tackle your toughest business challenges.

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