Responsible AI

Taking good care of your AI applications

In the past year, only a minority of CEOs have implemented generative AI (such as ChatGPT) in their own organisations. However, a large majority expect this form of artificial intelligence to have a major impact on the way the company operates. The expected impact of AI relates to both opportunities and risks, according to PwC's 27th CEO Survey. The possibilities are growing on a daily basis as systems become more autonomous and operate in an increasingly smart way. It is therefore crucial that you use AI in a carefully-considered and safe manner. We call this ‘Responsible AI’.

Taking good care of your AI applications

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Tackling every step of your AI journey

Responsible AI

Now that capabilities of AI change daily, it is crucial that your organisation use AI in a responsible manner. We call this Responsible AI. Because AI can operate with increasing autonomy, unwanted risks can arise. With Responsible AI you keep those risks manageable. And ensure that you can explain to your clients, supervisory authorities and other stakeholders that your AI application functions in a safe, meticulous and responsible manner.

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Generative AI

Generative AI generates new data based on existing data. With generative AI, you can create sound, text, imagery, videos and virtual worlds. Consider for instance the capabilities of ChatGTP. The power of Generative AI will only continue to expand, which will change business models and whole business sectors. Generative AI provides support for human decision-making processes, can increase productivity and reduce costs. We help you ensure Generative AI contributes to your organisational goals and functions in a way that suits your organisation.

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AI Strategy (strategy & business solutions)

AI solutions can increase productivity in your organisation, allowing you to do more work with less capacity. Solutions can also help anticipate issues such as customer behaviour, medical diagnoses and financial planning. AI will more and more be part of the solution. But solving problems is just the beginning. Long-term success requires an AI-aligned strategy. We can help you set it up and implement it.

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AI Lab being Human-Led and Tech-Powered

Our AI Lab is equipped to help you navigate and drive your transformation. Through our commitment to innovation, we offer a space to explore, interact, and learn about AI and its impact on your business. By understanding yours and the industry’s challenges, opportunities and trends, our Community of Solvers, AI experts and Tech Alliance Partners are here to create responsible and value driven AI opportunities together with you.

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AI Events

We regularly organize generative AI events, specifically designed for key decision-makers in various sectors. Our events focus on the latest generative AI solutions, emerging challenges, and innovative solutions to give your company a head start.

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Responsible AI = a more sustainable strategy

It’s not just the fact that legislation and regulations are constantly changing which makes Responsible AI important – there is also a growing demand for labour-saving technology. AI can help your company work in a more sustainable way. At the same time, Al comes with risks as applications operate with less and less human supervision. ‘Responsible AI’ is all about creating trust. Your clients are used to some services being provided by people so it’s essential you explain to them how the results of algorithms are set and that this is done in a secure way.

Make your AI challenges transparent with RAISE

PwC has developed our Responsible AI Simulation Experience (RAISE) to support the optimal integration of ‘Responsible AI’ within your organisation. RAISE provides insight into which challenges your organisation faces in the field of AI. Together with our AI experts, you will go over the short term challenges to ensure you are better prepared and able to tackle complex issues over time. This will help you become future-proof and teach your teams new knowledge and methods.

PwC Toolkit for security and ethics 

As a company you have to comply with changing legislation and regulations, including the new EU AI Act. This makes it vital to integrate your AI solutions in a secure and accountable way. This can be achieved with our Responsible AI Toolkit, a series of customised frameworks, tools and processes that mainly focus on the security and ethics of your AI systems.

PwC will discuss these issues with you and analyse where your organisation stands with regard to its wishes, expectations and governance. This will provide you with the insight you need to answer questions from stakeholders regarding the use of AI. Our knowledge can also support you with aligning your AI applications with the latest legislation and regulations, allowing you to look to the future with confidence.

Responsible AI Toolkit
Responsible AI Toolkit
Responsible AI Toolkit

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