An easier way to look ahead

Collaborating on your projects at PwC and meeting your compliance obligations has never been easier. Backed by PwC's expertise, Sightline is your intuitive platform, providing insight into your organisation's overall landscape in one place.

PwC offers you a simple solution

Your organisation -and its laws and regulations- are changing at a rapid pace. Sightline is designed to help you see various insights, take action and collaborate, all on one platform.

Experience the convenience of an integrated, comprehensive overview of your processes and projects with us. On the Sightline platform, you can easily share documents, collaborate without the intervention of emails that simultaneously contribute to the delivery of your final deliverables. Sightline is a platform that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of your organisation and business.

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Sightline: collaboration during the tax process has never been easier

Easy data integration combined with insightful analytics

Our customised approach streamlines structured and unstructured data. Once this data is converted to a unified model, you can access your data anywhere, no matter where you are in the process. Built-in data visualisations easily provide valuable insights.

Track, take action and analyse deliverables which are relevant to your team.

A centralised dashboard provides real-time status reporting for all your requests and deliverables, leaving you with more time to focus on the important things in your organisation.

Increased collaboration and transparency

Bring conversations and comments from multiple applications together in one platform view and use notifications instead of emails to reduce the loss of crucial details.

Designed for the needs of today and tomorrow with Sightline, you get:

Insight into relevant details and transparency across all your projects with PwC.

A consolidated view of workflows and activities,using intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards.


One secure platform where information can be shared and responses and requests can be addressed immediately  to your PwC team.


Sightline is a prime example of our human led, tech enabled strategy. Through our expertise and platform, we confidently provide the right outcomes for your business.

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