Inclusion and diversity

Be yourself. Be different.

It’s our people who make the difference. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. By looking beyond our personal area of professional expertise, valuing differences and being inclusive and diverse, we work together effectively to develop sustained outcomes for our clients and have a collective impact.

Why inclusion and diversity?

We make a clear contribution tackling important problems. Our global strategy focuses on addressing and helping solve the large number of complex challenges facing organisations and society. We do this by bringing together highly diverse people in unexpected combinations.

We connect their different perspectives, ingenuity and passion with the latest technology, with the aim of achieving sustainable progress. We call this strategy ‘The New Equation’.

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“I think you should be able to be yourself everywhere, including at work. Our internal LGBTQ+ network, Shine, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, is helpful of course, but ultimately we all have a role to play in this respect. One of my responsibilities as a board member is to work with colleagues to create an inclusive culture where we accept and respect each other as we are. To me, being inclusive means that everyone feels engaged and valued, not in spite of but thanks to their differences.”

Janet Visbeenmember of PwC's board of management and responsible for human capital at PwC.

Our policies for inclusion and diversity

Appreciating the qualities of another person with an open mind does not always come naturally. This is why PwC has had a policy in place since the beginning of the millennium to strengthen its inclusive culture and make the organisation more diverse. Over more than two decades, this policy has become an organic part of PwC and is now interwoven with all levels of the organisation.

Our inclusion and diversity policy aims to create stronger connections: within our organisation, with our clients, and in society in general. People working in an environment where they can be themselves and share their unique perspectives will also reach their full potential. The ultimate result is that we become a better company for our employees, clients, and society.

In support of our policies, PwC offers various programmes that help us inspire each other, increase our awareness of personal behaviour and teach us to appreciate each other's differences. Our leaders play an important role in making our inclusion and diversity policies a reality. They act as role models themselves, showing how inclusion works and encouraging the same in employees, display exemplary behaviour and take on responsibility as sponsors for colleagues. We also have several networks that represent the diversity in our organisation.

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Inclusion & Diversity video

Due recognition of this longstanding commitment, came in the past year when PwC won the 2022 Diamant Award for its inclusion and diversity policy. This prize is awarded annually by an independent committee from Talent to the Top, a foundation that works to make the highest echelons of the Dutch business community more inclusive. Needless to say, we are very proud of this achievement.

“PwC is firmly committed to diversity policies, remains alert to improvements and is not only ‘eager to learn’ from others, but also ‘eager to share’. And they have a long track record in this respect, as PwC was one of the first organisations to embrace the theme.”

The Talent to the Top committee

Our initiatives

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By making the person behind the professional visible, sharing vulnerable and honest stories and discussing them with each other, we become more aware of our own behavior and we learn to appreciate each other's differences.

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Various internal networks have been set up by and for employees to improve the visibility of different groups and promote an inclusive culture.

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We join forces with external partners in order to stimulate public debate about inclusion and diversity, and play a role in improving public awareness of the issue.

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How inclusion and diversity have been organised 

Increasing inclusion and diversity asks for more than just nice words. We safeguard our strategy in different ways.

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Goals, vision, mission

By looking beyond our own area of expertise, appreciating differences and being inclusive and diverse, we work together to develop joint solutions for our clients and make a collective impact.

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