Various internal networks have been set up by and for employees to improve the visibility of different groups and promote an inclusive culture. Women NL focuses on gender equality, Shine unites LGBTIQ+ colleagues, Ability is for colleagues with disabilities, Connected Cultures reinforces cultural diversity and YoungPwC promotes the interests of young professionals. It is also possible to serve as an ally of these networks, committed to a particular group without actually being a part of it.

These networks organise activities, collaborate with external partners and form links with each other in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. The aim is to use the power of unity to create an inclusive working environment for everyone within society, PwC and beyond. Continue reading to see how each network contributes to inclusion and diversity within our organisation as well as society in general.


The Ability network is for PwC colleagues with a work-related challenge, their leadership and ally’s. Together we look for practical solutions that provide colleagues with a work-challenge the opportunity to achieve success.

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Connected Cultures

Our Connected Cultures network encourages the connection between colleagues with (widely) diverse backgrounds. Connected Cultures is a network where PwC colleagues can easily find each other to exchange ideas about diverse work-related and social issues.

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We think it’s important that everyone can be themselves within our organisation. To encourage and support this, we established the Shine network in 2007.

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Over the past years, women are increasingly taking up senior leadership roles. However, many women still struggle to advance their professional and personal development.

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Young PwC

With about 3,000 colleagues, the Young Professionals are the biggest group within PwC. That is why the YoungPwC network plays an important role when it comes to representation for this group towards other entities and in the organisation of events for this target group.

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