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We are the tech-enabled legal partner for complex transformations

Focussing on opportunities rather than obstacles

We are legal consultants, we combine the qualities of traditional lawyers, consultants and in-house lawyers. Like traditional lawyers, we deliver high quality legal advice. Like consultants we have the skills, can-do approach and technology support to handle complex projects. Like in-house lawyers we work together with other areas of expertise like finance, tax, strategy, compliance, audit, risk management, marketing and HR. As part of the global PwC network, we have market knowledge and bench marking possibilities far beyond most traditional law firms. Our purpose is to solve important problems by looking further than a strict legal analysis. We will bring in the different perspectives PwC has to offer. With our work, we aim to build trust in society.

How PwC Legal Services can help you

  • Fully integrated services: advice and implementation from multi-competence teams
  • The engagement of one of the largest international networks of lawyers in the world
  • The best practical solutions to all your legal questions
  • Internal implementation of legal advice

Contact us

Jochen Blaffert
Partner, PwC Netherlands
Tel: 31 (0)88 792 1097

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