Digital transformation

The world is changing at digital speed

Customer expectations change with every innovative product and every new service. They will demand that your organisation provide them with the same digital experiences they have at other companies. Are you prepared to meet your customers’ digital expectations? And how will you digitally transform your organisation, from strategy up through execution?


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BXT: Business needs, customer eXperience and Technology

Business, eXperience & Technology

We help companies and organisations with digital transformation by approaching it from the cutting edge of BXT: Business, eXperience, and Technology.

If you have questions about your business, we have in-house experts who know about your sector, change managers, tax consultants, and financial experts – the same all-around service you know from our other projects.

Our experience has convinced us that digital transformation begins and ends with customer experience, which is why we research, test, and guide the experiences of your customers, employees, and other end-users.

Whether it’s your current tech such as existing IT systems or new tech like blockchain, technology is the means of forging links between business and customer experience.


Chain Reaction: How blockchain technology might transform wholesale insurance

Chain Reaction: How blockchain technology might transform wholesale insurance

This study identifies where blockchain technologies have the greatest potential to help the wholesale insurance market solve fundamental problems such as business process inefficiencies – and how market players will collaborate to do so. Based on discussions with a wide range of market participants it sets out those practical uses for blockchain that will deliver the highest value with the lowest barriers to implementation.

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