Digital transformation

Business continuity in the digital age

New technology is changing the world at breakneck speed and the possibilities are now beyond imagination. There’s no way that businesses and institutions can avoid a digital transformation, because the expectations of customers and end-users are changing too. If they have had special experiences at one company, they will want the same from you too. How can you continue to respond to the digital wishes of your customers and what does that mean for your internal processes? What are the next steps in your digital transformation to ensure the continuity of your business?

Digital era

Lifelong learning

If we want to stay relevant in the digital age, we have to make a shift to continuous learning in the workplace. Despite the fact that the Netherlands scores fairly well on lifelong learning compared to most other European countries, the majority of workers participating in lifelong learning have an incidental and short term focus. This is shown in our research 'Lifelong learning in the Netherlands'.

Read about our research 'Lifelong learning'

Will your products still be in line with customer demands?

We will support you during product innovation on the basis of new technology and we will offer constructive advice in implementing digital business models.

How do you attract and keep your customers?

We will help you with your customer engagement. An analysis of the customer experience will reveal how customers perceive your organisation. Data analysis may result in sharper customer segmentation.

Could your processes be more efficient?

We will advise you regarding operational optimisation, e.g. using digitisation, robotics and artificial intelligence or working methods such as agile and scrum.

Do your staff use the best tools?

We will offer constructive advice on how you can enable your staff to offer customers the best. With the right training, digital technology and processes can boost enthusiasm and productivity.

Digital Champions

A common characteristic of digital champions is that they have fully integrated ecosystems in which they are continuously looking for improvements when it comes to customer solutions, management, technology and personnel. We will help you in six specific steps, so that you progress from being a digital novice to being a digital champion. Read all about it in our publication.

Digital Champions

Business, eXperience & Technology

We help companies and organisations with digital transformation by approaching it from the cutting edge of BXT: Business, eXperience, and Technology.

If you have questions about your business, we have in-house experts who know about your sector, change managers, tax consultants, and financial experts – the same all-around service you know from our other projects.

Our experience has convinced us that digital transformation begins and ends with customer experience, which is why we research, test, and guide the experiences of your customers, employees, and other end-users.

Whether it’s your current tech such as existing IT systems or new tech like blockchain, technology is the means of forging links between business and customer experience.


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