Supply chain resilience

Better able to face unpredictability and risks

Global disruption is increasingly forcing companies to examine the toughness and resilience of their supply chains. The current unpredictability and the increase in risks require them to be able to switch quickly within their supply chains so as to maintain production and distribution to the maximum extent. Transparency within the chain is an absolute precondition for this.

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Operations Transformation

The world is more unpredictable and more fraught with risk

As regards their supply chains, companies have for years focused above all on efficiency – that’s logical, because efficiency means effective production and distribution, and low costs. But since the Covid-19 pandemic and then the war in Ukraine, things have changed. These days, you can't talk about just “incidents” any more. The world has become more unpredictable and more fraught with risk.

Moreover, companies are increasingly required to comply with ESG guidelines. This means, for example, that they must be aware of the working conditions not only at their direct suppliers but also at those suppliers’ own suppliers.

How we help our clients ensure a resilient supply chain

Resilience within your supply chain doesn't come about just like that. We help you with this by making the right connection between business strategy, supply chain strategy, and supply chain operation.

With a diverse team, we look at your situation from a variety of different angles. To do so, we bring together people with different areas of expertise and backgrounds, and we combine their different perspectives, ingenuity, and passion with the latest technology so as to explore unexpected angles together. We call this the power of our community of solvers.

Get a better grip on your transformation

To ensure that your organisation operates more efficiently and becomes more agile, it is important that your strategic activities are well linked to your business planning. In other words, it is important that the day-to-day running of your organisation contributes to your long-term goals.

Are you curious whether your organisation is well prepared for the challenges of the digital age? Want to know if your current transformation efforts are enough for success? Then go through the questions in our 'Transformation Maturity Profiler'. With this tool you can find out in minutes where you are doing well and where you may need to do more.

Krijg meer grip op uw transformatie
Better together

Better together

Ecosystems hold huge business potential, and represent a promising way to tackle big societal problems. Let’s start getting ecosystems right.
As any school-aged child knows, ecosystems are places in nature where living things—plants, animals, microorganisms—work together with the environment, and everything plays its part to help the whole. Sure there’s competition. Creatures eat one another all the time in gruesome (and highly streamable) ways. Nevertheless, the ecosystem thrives. The same is true in business ecosystems, as many organizations work across industry boundaries to provide what customers need, while creating value beyond what any firm could achieve alone. Collaborative? Absolutely. Competitive? That too, more so than ever. Companies that overlook or misjudge ecosystems do so at their peril.

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