Management of incidents and threats: identify, respond and rectify

A fast and effective response to digital attacks is crucial. Do you have your plans in order? Our specialists can help you with a SWOT analysis of your incident response plan and support you in detecting threats, determining an appropriate response and researching and recovering weaknesses in your incident management system. We also provide custom solutions for specific security risks and when incidents occur.

Management of incidents and threats: identify, respond and rectify

Cyber security and privacy incidents and enforcement

Companies are affected by incidents on a daily basis, and the impact is increasing. Although it’s virtually impossible to prevent incidents altogether, an effective response can keep the consequences for your business to a minimum.

Incidents can lead to a reporting requirement based on the Dutch Act related to security networks and information system (Wbni) or personal data protection (AVG). Regulators can start an investigation based on an incident or at their own initiative. An adequate response to a regulator’s request is essential.

Support in cyber security and privacy incidents and enforcement

Preparation and optimisation. Has the time come to ensure your company is well prepared for a privacy or cyber incident or an assessment by a regulator? Are you looking to optimise your processes? By combining various disciplines, PwC can support your organisation on a technical, process-based, legal and human level. This includes providing support in drawing up response plans, or using real-time crisis and cyberattack simulations to assess whether your company is properly prepared.

Direct support. Has your company fallen victim to a privacy or cyber incident? Or did a regulator start an assessment? These situations demand immediate action. The most effective way is to employ a multidisciplinary team, including specialists in forensics, data, privacy & security, legal matters and communication. We can help analyse, control and rectify the incident and limit its consequences. Our team is also ready to support and guide you every step of the way in dealing with an assessment from a regulator.


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