Be Well, Work Well

Healthy and satisfied employees are the key to a sustainable, well-performing organization

Employees who are motivated and feel good about themselves perform better, stay with the organization longer, cost less and ensure fewer organizational risks such as absenteeism and burnouts.  How can you improve the well-being of your people, while making your business more profitable?

Our wellbeing programme 'Be Well, Work Well contributes to a 'Sustainable workforce' which consists of employees who are physically healthy, emotionally resilient, mentally focused and spiritually connected. Personnel who add the most value in a culture in which they can thrive and be the best version of themselves. The result: an improvement in the well-being of your staff and improved performance of your organization.

Well-being een kostenvoordeel voor uw organisatie?

Measure the well-being of your people

Understanding your current situation and having a clear plan provides clarity on how to guide your people towards the new future. Which leadership skills, culture, and care are needed for your people to transform sustainably? Moreover, which financial considerations are key? PwC's ‘Sustainable Workforce’ approach offers a concrete and coherent growth plan, with matching tools. This results in flourishing, motivated and more productive employees, and ensures that you worry less about absenteeism and comparable business risks.

By gaining a better understanding of your current situation and by developing a clear plan, you will gain more insight on how to get your employees fit for future. What leadership skills, culture and care are needed to transform your employees sustainably? In addition, it is good to look at which financial considerations are important.

Balance between costs and people

We can imagine that you are struggling to balance cutting the employee costs of your organization, while stimulating them to stay productive and motivated. The COVID-19 crisis has shed light on the increasing importance of this matter. Many of us find ourselves dealing with a new range of challenges from regulations requiring people to work from home, to the effects this has personally. How do you find a balance between maintaining low costs, and providing care and attention to your staff? Can investing in a culture of well-being provide a cost advantage? We believe it can.

Research shows that the employees of employers who put wellbeing high on their agenda:

  • show a higher degree of commitment;
  • be more productive;
  • being sick less often; and
  • be more loyal to their employer.

The wellbeing of your employees is therefore crucial to the success of your company and your clients.

We offer a step-by-step plan for the future 

Obviously there is no single standard solution, every organization is unique with its own culture, values ​​and needs. PwC's approach consists of modular steps that provide insight into your current situation and provide a clear plan for the future. Our discovery phase can quickly give you the first insights into the opportunities and risks of your organization. This enables you to implement improvements, the "quick wins", in the short term.

Have you already implemented or planned concrete improvement actions? Great to hear! Our team will incorporate your existing initiatives using them as starting points. The roadmap contains short-term actions and long-term solutions that help you achieve your goals. Our digital tooling provides continuous progress and possibilities to adjust our plans if needed.

Is your organization...

Keen to become fit for future?

  • To be a future-proof organization, it is important that employees are (digitally) fit, involved, motivated and optimally employable
  • Our program and data driven insights, will increase the resilience and optimize the agility of your workforce
  • We develop a clear definition of your ‘new tomorrow’ and support to develop an inspiring and strong leadership, to guide your people to your future

Looking to improve productivity & profitability?

  • Engaged employees are 22% more profitable and up to 30 days more productive per year
  • We gather data and trends that affect well-being to identify issues and make targeted changes
  • We provide insights where you will see the strongest returns on investments to create long-term productivity gains

Eager to improve the employee experience?

  • A holistic employee experience is key for worker engagement, retention and new talent attraction
  • With our tools and interventions, we accelerate your cultural transformation on well-being
  • We assess current initiatives and solutions and incorporate these into an updated employee experience

Determined to reduce costs?

  • Every year, employers pay millions of euros for sick employees. We focus on reducing costs related to absenteeism and attrition
  • We analyze the current spending and address the underlying issues that are causing employees to be absent or causing them to consider leaving

Ambitious to be the employer of choice?

  • Work-life balance and well-being are on the list of priorities for future generations
  • We assess and implement progressive solutions that retain people, attract new talent and differentiate you from your competitors

Our holistic approach

1. Discover

1a: Discover

  • Current profile of the customer (where are currently you at) and desired profile (incl. gap analysis) 
  • Quick wins for short term 
  • Possible benefits / gains on long term

1b: Implement quick wins

2. Diagnose

  • Detailed report outlining in-depth diagnoses of the issues and their root causes incl. costs and risks 
  • Clear picture of needs of the workforce and possible long-term solutions

3. Design

  • Blueprint of the ideal situation 
  • Integrated plan of existing initiatives and new intervention, embedded in employee experience
  • Detailed roadmap to get from ist to soll


4. Deliver

  • Implemented roadmap to transform from the current to the new situation 
  • Materials and train the-trainer sessions for successful interventions / retention


How PwC can help you form analysis to solution

The wellbeing of our own employees is critical to the success of our company and our customers. That is why we designed and implemented our own wellbeing program, Be Well, Work Well. In line with our purpose, we use our knowledge and experience to improve the wellbeing of employees beyond PwC's reach and we want to help your organization to meet this challenge. We offer an independent, holistic, data-driven and results-oriented approach, where the employee is key. What distinguishes is that we can help you with an integrated approach, from various disciplines - from analysis to implementation of the solution. 

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