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People Analytics

Insights gained from HR data as a strategic basis.

People and their skills are fundamental to any organisation. The HR department should play  a more strategic role using for example staff data. Yet the use of digital HR data is mostly limited to standard, recurring reports. Also with respect to specific personnel issues, such as high levels of absenteeism owing to sickness or staff turnover rates, the use of data insights opportunities are not yet used to the full extend.  How can your HR department apply the power of people analytics to resolve specific issues, generate new insights and make a strategic contribution?

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From dashboard to artificial intelligence

The quality of your data does not constitute an obstacle to starting to work with HR analytics; indeed, you can improve the quality as you go along. We offer various solutions for people analytics. We create dashboards and graphics on your current organisation. We combine internal data from HR, Finance and Sales with external sources such as market surveys or LinkedIn to gain new insights. We conduct predictive analyses for specific scenarios with self-learning techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This provides you with knowledge about your present situation and a strategy for change.

HR analytics with absenteeism due to sickness and staff turnover

Which employees are most likely to leave your organisation and how can you reduce that likelihood? When looking at absenteeism due to sickness and staff turnover, we examine your data and compare it to that of other organisations. We link the figures to data on, for example, employee satisfaction and your employee training programmes. Together with you, we then translate the insights gained from the analysis into concrete prevention measures and measurable targets.

Diversity and strategy for change

What is the proportion of male to female employees in your organisation and in several function levels ? With our diversity tool, we provide you with insight into topics such as the gender pay gap and the feasibility of a women's quota. We visualise the relationships and use statistical analysis to provide in-depth explanations for the differences. Following the addition of algorithms and scenarios, you will be able to see the future influence of interventions.

Data insights from your payroll records

Our payroll analysis tool conducts an automated analysis of the data in your tax returns. This produces a dashboard with information on your workforce. For example, when will the rising age of your employees lead to employees leaving the organisation? What is the income distribution in your organisation? The tool conducts standard checks to identify exceptions that warrant investigation. Machine learning means that the tool can expose cases of fraud, for example.

Tailored questions and your own HR analytics function

What does your organisation need to do to be ready for the future of work? Who are the people you can build a high performing team with and how do you optimise the remuneration policy so that it reflects what people truly appreciate? We can support you as you tackle these and other specific questions. The answers provided to these questions will clearly demonstrate the power of HR analysis to your management board.

We can also advise you on setting up your own HR analytics function which can proactively advise your management board on strategic issues. We build teams that safeguard not only data analysis, but also expertise of data management, storytelling, IT and your business, and we upskill your current employees in HR analytics.

How PwC can help you with people analytics?

  • If you have specific questions on how you can take concrete action using data analysis in HR;

  • If you are generally interested in which insights you can gain from your HR data;

  • With developing a strategy for HR analytics and embedding it in your organisation.

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