Sustainability & Responsible Governance

We help companies with issues concerning social relevance, the impact that they have and the accountability that the companies must provide in this respect. In specific, we undertake this along the three following pathways: 1. Reporting & Assurance, 2. Sustainability Strategy and 3. Responsible Governance.

Reporting & Assurance

We help companies to report on their social relevance, impact and the accountability of these factors in an audited annual sustainability and corporate responsibility report. In addition, we provide advice on the preparation of the report (e.g. according to G4 or IR guidelines), the quality of your non-financial reporting process and possible improvements, while additionally providing assistance in the performance of a materiality analysis. We also help companies to verify the mandatory annual reports on CO2 emissions.

Sustainability Strategy

At the strategic and organisational levels, we advise companies on how to improve the social relevance and impact of their business activities. By measuring the total impact, it becomes possible to compare strategies and effective (investment) decisions based on quantitative data. We help companies to formulate the strategy to be followed in terms of this impact and implement KPIs that measure effectiveness.

With regard to organisational issues, we advise companies on how the current organisation should deal with environmental regulations and guarantee compliance. We determine the business risks of climate change and scarcity of raw materials, as well as provide support for the creation and implementation of new business models (e.g. based on the recycling economy)

Responsible Governance

Sustainably successful organisations ensure that the desired and actual corporate cultures match. We help to ensure better alignment of culture and desired behaviour, so that your organisation also "says what it does and does what it says".

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