Sustainability reporting and assurance

Reliable non-financial accountability

The way in which organizations account for their role in society is changing rapidly. The demand from stakeholders for information, both financial and non-financial, is increasing considerably. More and more organizations understand this and account for their conduct in an integrated report, sustainability report, CO2 emission reports, and other types of reports. It is crucial that organizations can demonstrate that the information is reliable and therefore credible.

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ESG reporting landscape in the Netherlands - 2021

The latest ESG reporting landscape in the Netherlands in 2021 shows a gradual shift in corporate sustainability disclosures. The trends of ESG reporting and assurance during the past years show increased attention, whilst there is still a lot of work ahead for companies towards the CSRD. Read our report on material ESG topics identified by companies, the extent of climate related topics disclosed, EU taxonomy assurance, and many other trends in ESG reporting.

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Is your reporting balanced, reliable and credible?

By having your non-financial information checked, you demonstrably provide your stakeholders with reliable non-financial information. This not only involves numerical information, but also the way in which you provide insight into your value creation in the long term. How do you translate your company strategy into policy and presentations? Is there sufficient balance in reporting on the positive and negative impact of your organization on societal challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity and urbanization? In short: how do you show that your report is reliable and therefore credible?

How we can help you

The members of our multidisciplinary teams each have their own expertise. From reporting and assurance to biodiversity, energy and climate change, culture and behaviour, ethical business, ESG in asset management and dealing with stakeholders. Together with you, they discuss the issues that are specifically relevant within your organization. For example, you would like to:

  • have an independent and expert verifier for your mandatory CO2 emission reporting with experience in various industries, including aviation;
  • report transparently on your social impact;
  • have your reporting checked in order to underline its reliability;
  • have your non-financial information checked in the context of, for example, CO2 emissions, contract management, green bonds (Green bonds) or ESG asset management;
  • receive advice on implementing, drafting or writing an integrated report or sustainability report according to the latest standards;
  • receive benchmarking and advice on the quality of your non-financial reporting process and on possible ways to improve it;
  • find your way in the landscape of sustainability standards and advice on the application of, for example, the GRI Standards, the International Framework for Integrated Reporting (IIRC), TCFD or other important frameworks;
  • get support in the reporting process, including the preparation and implementation of reporting manuals, the design and implementation of internal control frameworks and the collection and assessment of KPI data;
  • receive support with regard to your accountability on specific topics such as human rights, emission reports and green bonds.

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