Digital Transformation Confidence

How do you gain control of your digital Transformation?

The urgent need to transform digitally is widely felt. But where do we begin? What questions do we need to ask? What choices do we need to make? Will the organisation go along with it? Are our projects on track? How does that technology actually work? What will the impact be on our employees? These are questions that keep company directors awake at night.

We want to help you embark on a (digital) transformation confidently, by mitigating the right risks, seeking opportunities, and steering towards the effect you want to achieve.

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Digital transformation without going off the rails

Technology is developing at breakneck speed, the wishes and expectations of customers and other stakeholders are changing, and legislation and regulations leave little margin for error. In response, organisations are making long-term investments in strategic programmes and projects so as to continue to grow, innovate, or prepare for new (disruptive) risks. These transformations – which are often digitally driven – don’t always go according to plan. Delays, budget overruns, and the provision of functionality that doesn’t actually work are the rule rather than the exception. And they have major consequences, such as company-wide operational disruptions and data leaks that have a negative impact on reputation and financial results.

But transformations can also be tackled differently, by innovating in manageable steps, identifying and addressing risks, having alternative fall-back plans in place, and – above all – having a clear goal in mind and working towards it step by step.

An approach from three perspectives: Business, eXperience and Technology

We assist organisations with their digital transformation by approaching the matter according to our unique BXT approach: Business, eXperience and Technology. It is the combination of this three ‘lenses’ that allows us to develop - together with you - solutions that would not come into being when we approached the issue from just one perspective. Moreover, solutions that seamlessly meet the need of the end user

Depending on the issue you bring to us, we bring together our experts from different disciplines – industry and business experts, change managers, tax consultants, strategy and transformation specialists or designers, data analysts, cybersecurity experts, and technology consultants. They work seamlessly together, with one another and with you, from strategy through to execution.

Our Experience Center allows you to experience what an organisational change will mean for your customers, buyers, or employees. Prototyping, mock-ups, and simulations helps you rapidly gain insight into the next step in your transformation process.

How we can help?

We can help you prepare your organisation for the digital future in a way that puts you in control of the change processes. You can rely on an independent expert advisor who has supervised such transformations on numerous occasions and is mindful of the interests of your organisation and your stakeholders. This will allow you to confidently make informed and responsible decisions that may have a major impact on the future of your company.

How do you stand in your digital transformation?

  • Digital maturity baseline measurement and roadmap: based on our unique D.quarks model for digital businesses, we perform a baseline measurement of your digital skills to clarify where you currently stand in relation to your digital ambitions. We join with your to list the themes that you will continue to work on so as to achieve those ambitions. This leads to an action-oriented roadmap for the development of capabilities (process, technology, culture, and organisation).
  • The impact of emerging technology on your business: what impact will developments such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud, virtual and augmented reality, and low-code platforms (such as Mendix, Outsystems, and BettyBlocks) have on your business? And above all, what opportunities do they offer you? We also include familiar software solutions such as Workday, Salesforce, Sap4hana, Tagetik and Oracle, parties with whom we have tech alliances.
  • Culture and behaviour: are your employees sufficiently capable of dealing in an “agile” manner with new systems and technology (‘digital fitness’) and does your current corporate culture fit in with new digital business models and the business operations that go with them?
  • Business model exploration and market validation: by means of short-cycle innovation sprints, we investigate the possibilities of new business models and validate them in the market by developing fast prototypes. Our PwC Experience Centre brings together designers, app developers, digital marketers, and many other disciplines to support you in this. In doing so, we make use of methods such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup.
  • Innovation project portfolio: based on our tried-and-tested innovation valuation method, we perform an assessment to determine whether and how your investments in innovation contribute to your strategy, and how you can maximise the risk/return rate of those investments in your digital future.

The progress and quality of your change projects

From an independent perspective and taking account of the interests of all your stakeholders, we work with you to ensure that your actions lead to the intended end result and that you can ‘go live’ with confidence.

  • Effective project organisation: based on our knowledge and expertise, we set up a project in which the responsibilities are properly allocated, you maintain an overview, and you are in a good position to manage things.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control: working from the perspective of Quality Assurance or Quality Control, we contribute to the provision of reliable information about the status and quality of the project and the risks to be mitigated (for example the architecture of the internal control measures or data migration) so that you can make effective decisions in the steering committee on that basis.
  • Interim investigations: we carry out risk-based, in-depth investigations (‘deep dives’) of the quality of the deliverables. Do they meet the requirements and expectations? Are there any problems that still need to be solved? Do you need to make adjustments in certain areas?
  • Health checks: we work with you to keep track of things by monitoring the status and progress of the work in each workflow and each sub-project team. We identify any latent problems that may lead to major losses if they aren’t tackled in good time.
  • Programme and project recovery: are you already in the midst of a transformation but aren’t sure whether you are on the right track? Are there any problems or unexpected consequences? Do you have any doubts about the responses of customers or other stakeholders such as regulators? Then we can work with you, from an outside-in perspective, to get your transformation back on track.

From the project to the workplace

The conclusion of every change process is the transition from the project organisation to the line organisation. You want to make sure there’s a ‘soft landing’ in the workplace, so that everything continues to work properly, business continues, and you actually reap the benefits of your transformation project.

We can help with:

  • Preparations for the transition from the project organisation to the workplace, for example by involving end-users in various phases of the project.
  • Knowledge transfer from project team members to the line, so the latter is also ready for advancing development of the transformation that the project team has set in motion.
  • Adapting your internal controls (security, data integrity, privacy) to new systems and working methods (‘In Control’ and ‘Secure by Design’).
  • Identifying the lessons learned from the project that can make a positive contribution to the further development and implementation of the business activities by the line organisation after the project has terminated.


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