Customer experience

Customer experience is not just about customers

Customer experience refers to the experience of your employees, business partners, consumers, and your commercial and non-commercial customers. It really refers to everyone for whom your business or organisation operates, and that operation is only at its best when your customers are satisfied. What technological and non-technological means can you use to achieve this?

Customer experience is not just about customers

Digital transformation begins and ends with customer experience

Customers experience your company through products and services. You want to show what you stand for in both arenas. The fact that customer experience in the digital age is a continuous process puts high demands on your organisation.

Customers want to be approached as unique individuals, whenever they communicate with you and whatever the means of communication. Simply being customer-oriented is no longer enough; the key now is to be people-oriented. Are your processes designed and your people ready to serve each customer as someone you know? Which digital strategy will help you with this?

Digital technology is not an end in itself

Given that, our primary interest is not whether you are already using Whatsapp for business purposes. More important to us is how technology fits into your overall business strategy. How do you use tech to exchange data between departments? Which digital tools are best suited to helping your customers? And do you use customer data to improve your products and services without violating privacy?

BXT: three pillars for digital transformation

To answer these questions, we approach digital transformation via BXT: Business needs, customer eXperience, and Technology. Sometimes business processes have to be improved and redesigned based on technological possibilities – for example, to ensure that the departments who need it receive real-time updates of customer data.

For other organisations we improve customer experience by mapping out the customer journey and dealing with pain and gain points to make sure the customer is your primary focus. At still other organisations we start with the technology to permanently improve customer interaction or to harmonise legacy systems with new digital elements in products and services.

Which pillar merits special attention in your organisation?

Our specialists would be pleased to work with you to optimise your customer experience based on an overarching vision of digital transformation. Contact us to schedule a meeting free of any obligation.

Which pillar merits special attention in your organisation?

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