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Helping refugees with a residence permit to gain working experience

In 2015 the refugee crisis became visible to all of Europe. Everyone can remember the poignant images. Some of those refugees have now found shelter in the Netherlands. To give these people a chance to use their talents, in 2017, PwC created work experience placements for young refugees with a residence permit who are either still studying or have recently graduated. With this programme, PwC wants to contribute to their integration in Dutch society.

The outcome having been positive, this has become an annual initiative, the Seeds of PwC programme, and we have been able to welcome eleven new candidates as of November 2021.

In the past year as well, we have successfully empowered ‘Seeds’. Seeds are refugees with a residence permit that have been offered the opportunity for a work experience placement with PwC. A successful example of this is Malek, from Yemen, who was empowered by his coach Winand and who, thanks to this programme, has been able to harness his unique talents. Malek has successfully completed the Seeds of PwC programme and is now an associate with PwC. This video offers a clear impression of how they work together successfully and how we would like to contribute to society and more inclusion & diversity at PwC, in accordance with our purpose.

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Playback of this video is not currently available

Seeds of PwC | De Partnership Verkiezing 2019

Social Return on Investment

The key point of this programme is to empower the candidates. This means, to guide and train the candidates based on their own unique talents and individual backgrounds. In addition to offering work experience and contributing to the integration in our society, the goal is of course to be able to offer a number of these candidates a regular contract at the end of the programme.

The government has labeled this project as a testing ground in the context of ‘Social Return on Investment’, the social requirements with public tenders in the area of employing people who are at a disadvantage on the labour market.

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