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Dutch findings

PwC's 22nd CEO Survey: CEOs' curbed confidence spells caution

Dutch CEOs are less optimistic compared to last year

Dutch CEOs are less optimistic about the economic prospects, compared to last year. The Dutch Survey results show that only 32% of the respondents project (modest) economic growth for the next twelve months, which is a much smaller group than in 2018. Furthermore, the CEO Survey reveals that Dutch CEOs have concerns about the international environment in which they are doing business. The Dutch outcomes are in line with global outcomes.

Key findings

  • 32% of Dutch CEOs project global economic growth for the coming year. Last year this was still 67%. 33% expect a decline in economic growth.
  • 42% of Dutch CEOs are very confident about their organisation’s prospects for revenue growth in the next twelve months. Looking at their prospects for the coming three years, however, this percentage has decreased to 28%.
  • The biggest concerns of Dutch CEOs relate to political uncertainty (74%), over-regulation (72%), geopolitical uncertainty (70%), availability of key skills (70%), cyber threats (69%) and trade conflicts (68%).


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