The accelerator: a co-creation for the digital transformation

Financial institutions are investing more and more in technological advances, similar to what the larger FinTech companies are already doing in for example Artificial Intelligence. Our main goal is to drive innovation with tangible results together with our clients. Technological advances will not only create new digital experiences, but will also create increased security, more agile processes, and reduce costs.

The FS Accelerator of PwC brings together a dedicated team of business and technology / software development experts who have the ability to generate user-centric IT solutions to master business problems of clients. The team works with PwC centers of excellence and external cooperation partners to offer the best of global solutions.

The Accelerator enables financial institutions to digitize and innovate with tangible results through

Digital Consultancy

Identifying opportunities, understanding current challenges, areas of improvement, and facilitating inspiration journeys. Additionally, we inspire and inform clients on the availability and applicability of FinTech and RegTech in their business.

Capturing value

(Co-)creation of digital solutions. Rapidly design and develop prototypes/ solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Development of innovative and high quality software applications to tackle the business challenges you are facing

Strategic partnerships

Matching and creating a connection with 3rd party tech and software firms. We help in identifying the right RegTechs and FinTechs that could make processes by Financial Institutions more efficient and effective. This is done through a balanced portfolio of technology solutions.

Four digital assets

Automated Risk Insights

A platform that facilitates automated risk analyses on the financial statements of customers, counterparties and suppliers.

Customer Lifecycle Interaction Platform

A Salesforce-based platform that brings together all of the parties involved in a Customer Due Diligence, including the clients themselves..

Contract Analyzer

Through use of Natural Language Processing, the tool identifies and extracts data in various languages from multiple types of documents in a fast and efficient manner.

Google + PwC

Google Cloud is a set of pioneering cloud technologies that enable millions of people to work the way they choose and build what's next.

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