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Innovation and digital

Digitisation of construction in six steps

The world of construction is becoming digitised. Construction firms are experimenting with virtual reality, BIM is increasingly being used to build virtually and companies are discovering the benefits of drones for the construction process. Digitisation can result in major efficiency drives by way of such things as driving down the costs of failure. Furthermore, a successful digitisation drive will lead to an increase in productivity – something often enabling considerable improvement within construction firms. 

In short, construction is becoming increasingly industrialised, but there is still a world of opportunities. Opportunities due to such things as closer digital cooperation between all links in the construction process. Does your organisation have a plan for digital transformation?

The six steps of digital transformation

Construction firms prepared to make the change to a digital organisation will have a competitive advantage and perform better. In order to digitize your organisation, you will need to invest in the right technologies and render your organisation suitable for the possibilities these present. 

PwC can help you with this transformation process. Based on a large number of transformation projects with leading construction and industrial organisations, we have formulated six practical steps necessary to effect the transformation into a digital pioneer.

Data analytics as a crucial production factor

Mastering data analytics is one of the six steps for digital transformation. Thanks to the availability of huge quantities of (digital) data, you will be able to discover patterns and connections that are sometimes unexpected and frequently valuable. Investments in new knowledge and skills are necessary to extract the value from data. We would be happy to contribute our thoughts on how you can achieve new insights by unlocking data sources and analysing and visualizing data.

Interested in finding out more?

Aside from talking about data analytics, we will also be happy to discuss the impact of other digitisation topics with you. Interested in finding out how you can get the digital transformation of your organization to take shape? Feel free to get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat.

"To exploit the value of data companies are required to investment in new skills and knowledge."

Bas Weber, director Consulting

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