World Energy Congress 2024


Bridging the energy transition gaps 

The energy transition and climate goals are one of the biggest challenges in the Netherlands as well as worldwide. Therefore all eyes were on Rotterdam from 22 - 25 April 2024, where international stakeholders within the energy sector participated in the 26th World Energy Congress.

This prestigious and influential international event, marked the beginning of the World Energy Council's (WEC) centenary year. It was organised at the highest political level and welcomed leaders from all over the world. They gathered in Rotterdam to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions and realise actions with impact.

As the platinum sponsor PwC participated in discussions on stage, at the exhibition, and in events. In addition, PwC hosted the exclusive House of Energy, bringing together leaders to help bridge the gaps between now and a decarbonised future.

Join us in shaping the future of energy.

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Energy | It’s time for a climate for change

Rob Jetten - WEC report

Gülbahar Tezel, head of PwC's Energy Transition Think Tank and Agnes Koops, CEO PwC Netherlands, present the research report to Minister Rob Jetten.

Future perspective of the energy-intensive industry in NW-Europe

The competitiveness of energy-intensive industries in Northwest Europe is under pressure, PwC research 'The Future of the Energy-Intensive Industry in Northwestern Europe' shows. 

Energy costs for carbon-free production in the steel, fertilizer and chemical sectors could be as much as 36% lower in other countries by 2050. "If nothing is done, industries are likely to disappear. Policymakers must therefore choose which industries should be retained, for example because of public interests involved," said Gülbahar Tezel, researcher and leader of PwC's Energy Transition Think Tank.  'We don't have to be too pessimistic, because there are certainly opportunities. But policymakers must act on this now.'

The research was presented to Rob Jetten, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, at the World Energy Congress in Rotterdam.

House of Energy

Inspiring events for all stakeholders in the energy transition

Parallel at the World Energy Congress 2024, PwC Netherlands hosted  the House of Energy. A unique space where industry professionals, thought leaders and decision makers were able to meet up with our cross-energy experts and talk about the future of energy and the implications for our industry and economy as a whole.

At the House of Energy we organized various events and roundtable sessions about the energy transition such as:
Monday 22 April

Supervisory Board Members Briefing

'Accelerating the energy transition'

Tuesday 23 April

CFO Roundtable

'Financing the energy transition'

Wednesday 24 April

CEO Roundtable

'Green Horizon: the future of the industry in Northwest Europe'


Made in NL: Shaping the future of the Dutch Industry 

For future leaders of the manufacturing industry

Roundtable Event: 'The interaction between market and government in a sustainable energy supply'

For executives in the Energy and Public sector

Energy Demand Experience

Now is the time to make great strides in reducing your organisations' energy needs. It is all possible with existing technology and it makes business sense to do so. Involving the entire value chain will make this journey successful.

To help you experience how this can be achieved, PwC developed the interactive Energy Demand Experience, in collaboration with Microsoft. This interactive game, at the intersection of climate and technology, will require the players to reduce energy consumption as smartly as possible, enhance energy security and boost competitiveness.

Energy Demand Experience

Future Energy Leaders Programme

PwC is proud to sponsor the Future Energy Leaders Programme. An impact community of exceptional young professionals who share a commitment to shaping the global energy future.
The programme is designed to build on the ideas and innovative potential of the next generation, to develop new ways of thinking and frame the future of our energy systems. It brings together a network of young individuals from across the globe who represent the different players the energy sector is composed of, including government, energy industry, academia, civil society and social entrepreneurs.

"To achieve the 2050 net zero target is a hefty task in terms of infrastructure, financing, and behaviour. We can only achieve this complex task in collaboration."

Paul NillesenEU&R Lead PwC The Netherlands

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