Our role in society

We organise roundtables with regulators, producers and network operators on specific topics of current interest. We also put the sector in touch with politicians via the EnergyPoort conference in The Hague, and work on our international network by participating in the World Energy Council (WEC). We are the driving force behind the Dutch ‘Women in energy’ network, which is a successful and diverse knowledge platform that organises popular events for the sector every year.

As we strongly believe in adding value to the business of our clients we established an integrated cross-border North Sea Group. This group combines strong technical skills with the relevant industry knowledge to help you achieve the optimal tax solution for your business model. 

Our role in society
EnergyPoort, Internationaal Perscentrum Nieuwspoort


Energiepodium has been the online platform for news, backgrounds, opinions and discussions on the energy transition since 2011. The platform provides a space for dialogue with the aim of promoting quality discussion. PwC collaborates within Energiepodium with EBN, ElementNL, KVGN and GasTerra. These partners jointly provide content for the platform. These include the Energiepodium Masterclasses for young professionals, the annual Energiepodium Debate and the Energiepodium Dinner. 

Together with Energiepodium, PwC organises the Energiepodium Dinner on a regular basis in which a structural and constructive dialogue is held on the future of energy supply. This brings together leading stakeholders to discuss topical issues in the energy transition.

Report dinner | 19 June 2023

Women in Energy

The Women in Energy network is aimed at ambitious women who are active at management level (at least) in oil, gas, electricity and sustainable energy companies, as well as suppliers in the sector. Twice a year, members discuss about sector-related themes, share experiences and access a network for career possibilities. PwC wants to use the Women in Energy network to help women in senior positions because we believe diversity in organisations helps to improve quality.

Extensive network; popular events

In the meantime, the network has over three hundred enthusiastic members. Their functions range from CFO, internal audit manager and controller to Tax and HR director. These meetings are held at PwC, participating companies or at inspirational external locations. During the meetings, we share the opinions of leading speakers, like supervisory directors and board members, and offer enough time for people to interact with one another.

Women in Energy 10th Anniversary

On 21 November 2019 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Women in Energy network. For this festive anniversary edition, we were welcome at the Shell Technology Center Amsterdam. There was plenty of discussion about two important themes: Future of Work and Energy transition. With an interesting mix of speakers and guests, it was a successful afternoon and we look forward to future editions.

Information and participation

Do you occupy a leading position in the energy sector and are you curious about the activities of the Women in Energy network? Then you are more than welcome to take part. For further information, please contact Anke Meijer.

World Energy Council


The Netherlands National Committee aims to promote sustainable energy development in the Netherlands, as a part of the WEC’s energy vision. As a member of the WEC network, the organisation is committed to representing the national perspective of the Netherlands within national, regional and global energy debates. The committee includes a variety of members so the diverse energy interests of the Netherlands can be appropriately represented. Members of the committee are invited to attend high-level events, participate in energy-related study groups, contribute to technical research and be a part of the global energy dialogue. For more information: www.wereldenergieraad.nl


During the spring and autumn, policy-makers and decision-makers in the energy sector will be gathering during Energiepoort at the Internationaal Perscentrum Nieuwspoort. Invitees to the event will include: members of the Upper and Lower House who specialise in energy-related affairs, boards and committees from energy companies, gas companies, large buyers and suppliers of energy, top officials, board members from sector organisations and a few specialised journalists.

Energiepoort is an informal meeting which can only be attended by invitees. Energiepoort is an initiative by PwC and RBS and is managed by the Energiepoort work group


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