Organisational Behaviour

To fully align the definition and execution of your strategy

The morale in society is shifting and consciousness is rising, which leads to integrity as an important topic. To act with integrity, it is key that you live up to your purpose, values & strategy and do as you say.

What you communicate about your strategy, vision, purpose, values and/or brand position is what we call your ‘Say’. The actual actions and behaviours from your leaders and employees is what we call your ‘Do’. 

With an increasing awareness from society, you can get ahead and create opportunities through cultivating the power of purpose and values. However, when your 'Do' deviates from your 'Say' it undermines your integrity as it has a negative effect on your credibility, reliability and trustworthiness in the eyes of society and regulatory bodies. This is what we call the Say-Do Gap.

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Navigating your Say-Do Gap

How to navigate your Say-Do Gap

By giving an objective view on the deviation between what you strive for and your day-to-day reality we can help you navigate the Say-Do gap. We make invisible behaviours drivers tangible so you can diagnose and control risk early on, directly adjust the gaps through actions and drive prevention rather than clearing backlogs. 

Navigating the Say-Do Gap will bring the definition and execution of your strategy in line with each other, which creates transparency and awareness and allows you to have well informed dialogues, internally as well as externally. 

Have a look at our movie to see how our Say-Do Gap Analyzer can help to navigate your Say-Do Gap by means of advanced behavioural analytics

The corporate culture is threatened by working from home

We should not underestimate the impact of working from home on corporate culture. In the long term, this can lead to emotional disconnection from the company due to the development of cultural alienation. The likelihood of integrity risks is also increasing due to the growing gap between saying and doing. What can organisations do today to strengthen the corporate culture?

Read here how to strengthen the corporate culture

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