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Shift in economic power

The shift in economic power will have a large impact on growth potential for companies and the countries in which future investments will be made.

Driven by strong growth in emerging countries, an economic power shift from west to east is taking place. This shift has been going on for a while and will reach a new high point around 2017, when E7 countries will pass the G7 in economic power. This will bring about great changes in the international system, given that the world will no longer be dominated by a strong power block but by diversified power centres.

Economic impact on the Netherlands

Besides geopolitical influence, the trend also has economic effects. In a negative sense, it poses challenges to domestic markets. This shift in economic power will displace the centre of gravity for activity from developed countries to developing countries, which may have far-reaching consequences on the competitive position of the Netherlands. Moreover, consumption in developing areas will increase further, driven by the growing middle class in emerging markets. For this reason, the shift in economic power will offer organisations many opportunities to enter new markets.

Economic impact on the Netherlands

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