Global collaboration PwC with AI startup Harvey gives substance to PwC's digital ambitions


Legal Business Solutions experts get exclusive access to the AI platform Harvey. With this, PwC expects to be able to provide even more strategic and efficient advice, in line with its ambition to be human-led and tech-powered.

PwC's Legal Business Solutions specialists are currently working with AI startup Harvey. Harvey is built on OpenAi and Chat GPT technology. The platform uses natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to automate and improve various aspects of legal work. This combined with a base of big data, generates insights and recommendations. The information, which is subsequently verified and reviewed by PwC professionals, delivers faster and strategic solutions.

The partnership with Harvey builds on PwC's ambition to offer ‘human-led and tech-powered’ solutions to clients for the most complex issues.

PwC's access to technology will be used to advise our clients in a wide range of areas, including contract analysis, regulatory compliance, claims management , due diligence and broader legal advisory services and legal consulting. In addition, PwC will also develop its own AI models to create customised products and services for Legal Business Solutions clients.

Marcel Jakobsen, technology and transformation lead at PwC NL: ‘Harvey's AI solution represents a huge shift in the way tax and legal services will be delivered and used across the industry. The problem-solving ability created by these technical capabilities and market insights makes us very excited. Combining our expertise with advanced AI technology gives our specialists more opportunities to provide cost-effective, more comprehensive solutions.'

What does this mean for you?

The process of developing our advice will be more and more efficient.. Our recently launched Assisted Writing tool also contributes to this. This advanced search engine effectively unlocks tax knowledge, making it simpler and more searchable. As a result, your advisor can focus even more on the question of what impact the advice will have on your organisation and can advise you on strategic choices.

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