National Pension Benchmark

Understanding your current pension scheme

The Dutch pension system is changing (Dutch pension agreement) and as a result almost every employer has to think about the future pension agreement with its employees. The National Pension Benchmark gives employers the opportunity to compare the pension scheme with those in the market in terms of both specific elements and the total value of the pension scheme.

"The National Pension Benchmark manages to quantify all types of pension schemes in one figure, making it easy to compare your pension scheme with those of other employers."

Ronald Doornbos

The National Pension Benchmark

PwC's National Pension Benchmark gives you insight into pension schemes spread across all major sectors in the Netherlands. The benchmark offers you - as an employer - insight into the following:

  • Understanding the current pension scheme: The benchmark provides you with an overview of all specific elements of your current pension scheme, such as the accrual percentage and the employee contribution, and compares these with other pension schemes. This allows you to gain insight into how elements of your scheme compare to other pension schemes.
  • Market analysis (comparison with a peer group of your choice) : a market analysis gives you a picture of the value of your pension scheme compared to more than 200 schemes in the Netherlands and ranked in relation to the desired market or peer group. In addition, the analysis shows, for example, what percentage of your peers has a defined contribution scheme. Or what percentage of the market is affiliated to an industry-wide pension fund. The market analysis never shows individual companies and companies remain anonymous.
  • Trends in the Dutch pension landscape: You will receive an overview that includes the number of pension funds, premium pension institutions and life expectancy. You will also get an idea of the (current) trends in the Dutch pension landscape.


Why is the benchmark unique?

The National Pension Benchmark focuses on all types of pension schemes. This includes average pay schemes, CDC schemes and defined contribution schemes. The benchmark not only compares all specific components of the pension scheme, but at the same time it quantifies the pension scheme as a whole so that it can easily be compared to other pension schemes.

Pension as part of the total benefits packageet

What does it mean for you as an employer?

PwC approaches pensions as part of the broader package of employment conditions (Total Rewards), and in doing so takes a broad view. As a result of the Future Pensions Act, employers will have to revise their pension agreements with employees in the years ahead. The transition to an age-independent premium means that all pension schemes will have to undergo a complete overhaul in the coming period. The benchmark can help you gain insight into your current scheme compared to the market. How does the current pension scheme compare to competitors? Is the pension scheme still appropriate to the current remuneration policy? What do your peers do with the employee contribution or how high is the average AOW deductible?

The National Pension Benchmark offers that insight and can serve as a starting point for consultations with trade unions, works councils and/or employees about the new pension scheme. The expectation is that employers will design the new pension scheme on the basis of the current pension budget. The relative scoring in the National Pension Benchmark will therefore not change substantially.

What can PwC do for you?

PwC can include your pension scheme in the database of the National Pension Benchmark and in return you will receive a tailor-made comparison of your scheme with those of your peers in a clear report. PwC can of course also support you in the follow-up process. This may include revising the pension scheme and holding consultations with employee representatives, in which the requirements of the new pension system will play an explicit role.

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