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Game of Trade

A strategic digital game to create awareness about the impact of trade wars.

‘Game of Trade’ is a strategic digital game. This engaging simulation allows organisations and governments to raise awareness about the impact of trade wars. 

Players of the game can opt for the country mode, in which they take on the role of a government, or the company mode where they play the role of an organisation. Players experience how to protect their organisation and country against instability in the macro-economic trade environment. Players also discover how to take advantage of changes in world trade. Winning or losing the trade war depends on the actions the player takes.

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Critical decision-making is key in Game of Trade and players gain insight into the impact of trade wars and the measures required to protect their organisation from the effects of trade wars.

‘Game of Trade’ provides insight into:

  • The impact of political pressure on trade treaties;

  • The impact of the effects of rising tariffs;

  • The impact of non-tariff trade barriers;

  • The effects of current, planned and imminent tariff increases;

  • The impact of protectionist policy;

  • The impact of the above on the supply chain;

  • The strategic choices to be made.

A ‘Game of Trade’ session lasts around half a day. There are two versions of the game. The first is a country-against-country game while in the second each team takes on the role of a company. An experienced specialist leads the game play and also shares their practical knowledge with the players during the game. The Game of Trade can be played either at a PwC office or at your own location.

The results of a Game of Trade session may be based on generic data. But for a full experience, actual player data can also be used, resulting in an even more lively game in which the impact of decisions taken is even clearer to the players. 

Following the end of a game, we and the players evaluate the decisions taken so they gain insight into the consequences of their choices.

Target group

The game can be played by everyone within the organisation involved with this material from C suite to specialist. If the Game of Trade is used in particular to test whether C suite decisions are supported across the entire organisation, it is important that players come from a broad range of job levels. 

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