Webcast series ‘State of Tax, Legal & People’

A new ‘State of Tax, Legal & People’ webcast series is ready for you. During these webcasts our specialists will offer you, from different perspectives, insight into current tax, legal and also people developments and regulations. The programme runs until July 2023.

We cover a wide range of topics and offer you the opportunity to participate in multiple webcasts of your choice. These webcasts are interesting for everyone working in the tax, legal or people area, such as CFOs, Tax, Legal and HR directors and managers.


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Webcast series ‘State of Tax, Legal & People’





Thursday 9 February
15.00 - 16.30
Pillar 2 - From theory to practice

The complex Pillar 2 legislation effectively introduces an entirely new income tax scheme alongside the current Dutch corporate tax scheme. Questions such as ‘What does Pillar 2 mean for my organisation in terms of data and the readiness of (IT) systems within my organisation?’ and ‘Which stakeholders inside and outside my organisation should I engage about the potential impact of Pillar 2?’ are crucial here. In this webcast we will also address the practical application of the new Safe-harbour rules published by the OECD and the consultation documents on the GloBE information return and tax certainty framework. Based on this we will discuss how you can prepare for P2, possible data issues you might run into and give you some practical insights based on our experience.

Thursday 16 February
15.00 - 16.30

EU Green Deal and Energy taxes

With the Green Deal, European member states committed to tackling the risks of climate change. To achieve the goals of the Green Deal, the European Union has announced a whole package of (fiscal) measures. In addition, the European energy crisis has led to additional measures regarding fossil fuel extraction and energy generation. During this webcast, we will update you on the latest legislative and regulatory developments from the European Union regarding these topics.

Tuesday 21 March
15.00 - 16.30

Supply chain - Challenges and opportunities

At this moment we face significant challenges to the economy. There’s legislation and regulation setting the boundaries in which these challenges should be addressed. The supply chain is where the short and long term challenges and opportunities become extremely obvious. Changes in the supply chain will have a significant impact on the operating model and legal flows. Managing these functional and transactional changes from a tax, legal and HR point of view is key to a successful change and may add to the business case. During our webcast we will guide you through the need to have, the nice to have and how to connect the dots.

Thursday 13 April
15.00 - 16.30

Integrated compliance - Compliance of the Future (Dutch)

When it comes to tax, you’re being asked to do more with less. Do more tax returns, deliver more tax reporting, get more insights from your data, and manage more regulatory change. All while the fight for talent increases and costs are rising exponentially. During this webcast we will discuss how to reduce the burden of tax compliance, get more in control, solve your data challenges and keep in pace with technology. In short: we will provide you with all the insights you need for a future-proof compliance approach.

Tuesday 23 May
15.00 - 16.30

Sustainable employment conditions and equal pay (Dutch)

Organisations are increasingly forced by stakeholders to become more sustainable. Employees' demands on terms of employment are also changing. It is increasingly challenging for organisations to recruit and retain talent. And how do sustainable working conditions and equal pay affect your reputation as an employer? How can data help to provide insight? We will discuss the fiscal and legal aspects of this topic with you during this webcast.

Tuesday 13 June
15.00 - 16.30
Modern tax control - Sustainability (Dutch) Sustainability developments are rapidly following one another as well as the role taxation plays in it. What are the implications on your tax function and how can you incorporate these developments in tax controlling? Should I adjust my tax strategy/policy accordingly and what could be the consequences for sustainability reporting? In this session, we highlight the most recent developments in sustainability and the translation to the tax domain, from strategy to execution. We will also offer you some practical tools.

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