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After a successful first series of State of Tax technical webcasts, we are pleased to announce a second series. In this series, we have again selected a wide range of topics and developments in the field of tax, legal and people for you. Transformation and anticipation of current developments are necessary for progress. But this also has an impact on your organisation, workforce and supply chain. In these rapidly changing times, we want to offer you guidance and insights in the field of Tax, Legal and People. All webcasts are in English, unless stated otherwise. Most of the sessions will qualify for one PE point.

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Webcast series ‘State of Tax’

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Corporate tax developments in the Netherlands

An outlook on current and expected corporate tax developments in the Netherlands.

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Creating a future proof workforce and organisation

Is your organisation fit for the future? Our People & Organisation experts will update you about workforce strategy including people engagement, restructuring your business & cost reduction in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. These topics will be addressed from five perspectives: HR strategy, legal, change, financial and tax.

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Ready for Brexit?

Is your organisation prepared? Brexit experts will update you on the most important issues in the areas of trade & goods, tax, legal and people and provide you with the latest insights so you are ready for the world post Brexit per 2021.

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Post US Presidential election

US and International Tax Policy under a Biden Administration: seismic shift or continuation? We will discuss President-elect Biden's tax agenda, its effect on US and non-US businesses, the EU tax agenda, and the prospects for consensus in the OECD/IF Project 'Tax Challenges Arising from the Digitalisation of the Economy' following the US Presidential election.

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A future-proof family business (In Dutch)

What changes for you as a family entrepreneur? Recent developments in the field of income tax, business succession and the UBO-register will be discussed.

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State aid (In Dutch)

Which aid can governments provide in these times of crisis? How can your organisation become eligible to receive such support? And how can governments and business work together? On the basis of various practical examples, we discuss how the increasing need for governments and business to work together can be shaped in practice and which aid can be provided.

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Modern tax control and HT - insight in your risks (In Dutch)

In this webcast we focus on the self-assessment and risk analysis of the Doorontwikkeld Horizontaal Toezicht. By completing the self-assessment, taxpayers gain insight in the various tax risks (process and content) relevant to their organisation. After discussion with the Belastingdienst, the results are used as input for an improvement plan.

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The impact of the Dutch Pension Agreement (In Dutch)

The impact of the Dutch Pension Agreement on your broader remuneration strategy. Are you ready for the Dutch Pension Agreement? An explanation of the requirements and (strategic) choices for you as an employer and the financial impact on your employees and organisation.

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Tax in ESG, why, what, and how

Tax is an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metric, without tax no ESG. A sustainable approach to tax is a condition for sustainable growth. But what does it mean to take tax into account in your ESG/Sustainability policy? What is the impact on your vision to tax as an ESG topic when making business and investment decisions? In this session you will hear about the why, what and how. Through real life cases the topic of tax ESG is made concrete and practical, enabling you to kick start this important topic in your own organisation.

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Energy transition, carbon pricing & NL taxation (In Dutch)

With the Dutch carbon taxation in place, we will discuss the possible impact of this with you. Can it effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions? And how to deal with Carbon pricing in your daily operations from a tax perspective?


M&A is key to corporate recovery strategy Across industries, we anticipate large-scale divestiture of non-core activities and transformations of existing business models. This carve out type of M&A transactions imply overhaul of a group's operating model and consequently a whole raft of intertwined tax implications and opportunities. Through a case study we will guide you through these tax aspects and how tax interacts with other functional areas such as for instance business, finance, HR and IT. This to create a streamlined and robust operating and business model that increases value, and a legal framework that ensures compliance with domestic and international tax requirements.


Modern tax control - monitoring and testing (In Dutch)

We will discuss with you maintaining your tax control framework through monitoring and testing. Thereby we cover drafting a monitoring calendar, data analysis, testing key controls, and statistical sampling. We give some practical tips on how this can be secured within your organization. For this, digital solutions are a key success factor.

How best to lock in tax value in a deal Competition for investments is fierce and intensifying. In this competitive M&A market it is critical, or an opportunity, that businesses not only clearly articulate their equity story but also emphasize their value drivers, including tax. Not only will this impact how you best diligence a company but also how the value of tax is preserved and created when negotiating the SPA or seeking W&I insurance coverage. Our deals and legal teams will present the changing landscape and leading practices - from both a sell and buy side perspective - on the interaction between diligence and contractual protection to secure the (tax) value and profile of an asset.
Post Covid (tax) value drivers of M&A Non-financial considerations, such as ESG, wellbeing and inclusion strategies, are increasingly impacting value. With the global COVID-19 crisis, there is momentum for further commitments. Smart deal structuring is key to enabling strategic acquisitions to move forward in this challenging environment. For instance stock-based transactions, joint-ventures and earn outs are more likely to be used as a means to address relative valuation uncertainties. Our structuring, legal and people specialists will discuss the relevant (regulatory) developments impacting these post COVID (tax) drivers and how you best benefit when structuring and negotiating your next deal.

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Target audience

As we cover a wide range of topics, we offer you the opportunity to join us on the topics relevant for you. We aim at all people working in tax or related areas, e.g CFO, tax, legal and HR directors, managing director-major shareholder (in Dutch:’dga’) managers and other tax-specialists, but feel free to forward this invitation to one of your team members.

Permanent education (PE)

Most of our virtual meetings will qualify you for PE points for the NOB. You will receive more information in the final confirmation.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about our State of Tax webcast series, or suggestions for us, please let us know!

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