People and Organisation

The world of work is changing. In a global economy people are an increasingly valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Future of work 2030

A wake-up call for organisations, people and government

We experience fundamental changes in the way we work and will work in the near future. A new wave of digitalisation and smart automation – combinations of machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies – is transforming the workplace at an unprecedented pace. Individual workers have to constantly upload their employagility. Organisations are faced with the challenge to help them do this and at the same time re-organise to converge with disruptions. On top of this, there is the fear that a scarcity of talent can cool down the economy prematurely.

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Transforming your business

How do you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and more digital world through attracting talent, managing change and creating employment structures to build for the future?

  • Understanding the human skill need for the future –  and those to automate
  • Attracting the right, talented people
  • Creating the right employment structures
  • Getting leadership and culture right to deliver organisational purpose
  • Managing change through people & digital upscaling
  • Building the right HR function for the future

People Strategy - People in deals - Leadership - Change Management & communications - Global Mobility - HR function and transformation - Organisational design - People analytics and insights - Reward and benefits

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Growing into new geographic markets

How do you find, mobilise, and keep the right talent in the right places to capitalise on cross-border opportunities and succeed in a fast-changing global market?

  • Finding, mobilizing and keeping the right talent with the right skills in growth markets
  • Deal with organizational design and challenges
  • Rethinking Global Mobility strategy, policies & transformation
  • Navigating permanent establishment and other business traveler compliance risks

Global mobility - Employment tax and costs - Employment law - HR function and transformation - Organisational culture and purpose - Change Management & communications - People in deals  - Workforce capabilities

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Optimising your costs

What’s the best strategy for outsourcing, offshoring, centers of excellence, and size of workforce to maximise shareholder value?

  • Reducing workforce costs
  • People aspects of divestitures, carve-outs and spin-offs
  • Dealing with risks and reputational issues related to workforce restructuring and cost reductions
  • Rethinking rewards and benefits effectiveness and costs
  • Restructuring HR function associated costs

Employment law - People Strategy - Organisational design - Employment tax and costs - Reward and benefits - Retirement and pensions - People analytics and insights

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Risk & reputation issues

What key strategic initiatives will help you overcome your people risk challenges and build trust with stakeholders, regulators and the public?

  • Addressing diversity and inclusion issues
  • Dealing with ‘pay fairness’ and pay reporting
  • Behavioural issues driven by culture, performance management or incentives
  • Dealing with ‘Brexit’ related people risks

Leadership - HR function and transformation - Change management and communications - Employment law - Organisational culture and purpose

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Maximizing productivity

What is the right balance of automation and human effort to drive productivity, profitability and returning value to investors?

  • Rethinking the mix of human work and automated tasks and processes
  • Improving people engagement to drive productivity
  • Improving the effectiveness and reducing the burden of performance management
  • Using people data analytics to understand and drive productivity

People analytics and insights - Workforce capability - Global mobility - Employment tax and costs - People in deals - Retirement and pensions - Organisational design

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Doing a deal

How do you navigate integration and cultural challenges, retain talent, and deliver ‘people value’ in a deal?

  • Understanding the real ‘people value’ in a deal price during DD
  • Considering and mitigating the people risks created by different efficiency options
  • Navigate the client through different local employee relation processes
  • Protect Baseline Performance
  • Securing talent needed to deliver deal value
  • Building the right (HR) structure for the new organisation
  • Resource the new organisation
  • Day one readiness
  • Dealing with the global pensions issues
  • Navigating integration, culture and change issues

People in deals - Organisational design - Employment law - Global mobility - Retirement and pensions - Reward and benefits - HR function and transformation

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