Legaltech makes legal processes smarter and faster

Technology enables companies to optimise their internal processes. And this does not stop at the legal function; by using technology in legal operations, processes can become smarter and more efficient by implementing solutions such as Artificial Intelligence. Do you fully exploit the possibilities of legaltech?

Legaltech for the legal function

Together with you, we can enable your legal function to work more efficiently and more effectively with the use of technical tools. By having specialists with both legal and technical knowledge, we have an integrated approach and often serve as sparring partners for transformations of the legal function.

How we can help

  • Analysis of the legal function in order to optimise processes using technology.
  • Reviewing legal documentation by using integrated Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning software.
  • Delivering technology enabled contract management solutions (a.o. automated document generation and dashboards).
  • Using data analysis and visualisation in the legal function.
  • Using or developing tools to solve specific legal challenges.

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Partner, PwC Netherlands

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