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Legaltech makes legal processes smarter and faster

Technology enables companies to optimise their internal processes. And this does not stop at the legal function; by using technology in legal operations, processes can become smarter and more efficient by implementing solutions such as Artificial Intelligence. Do you fully exploit the possibilities of legaltech?

Legaltech for the legal function

Together with you, we can enable your legal function to work more efficiently and more effectively with the use of technical tools. By having specialists with both legal and technical knowledge, we have an integrated approach and often serve as sparring partners for transformations of the legal function.

How we can help

  • Analysis of the legal function in order to optimise processes using technology.
  • Using data analysis and visualisation in the legal function.
  • Using or developing tools to solve specific legal challenges.

Our smart and effective solutions for your processes

Digital Document Management

Contract management solutions can help you gain insights in the current agreements and allows you to amend them in a timely manner. Contracts form the (legal) framework of your organization. They come in all shapes and sizes; with employees, distributors, third party service providers. To be in control of your entire contract portfolio, it is of the utmost importance that contracts are well-managed. Legal counsels are often seen as reactive; they only intervene when absolutely necessary. But what if you could do your job in a more proactive manner? For new contracts PwC Legal can help you to develop new standard and automate the contract management process, enabling your business user to work in a more efficient manner. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Digital Document Review

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to gain faster and more accurate results from your (legal) document portfolio. When doing a due diligence, whether it is for a share deal to get better insights in an asset portfolio or regulatory compliance, it is of the utmost importance to have visibility into contract provisions. There is an increasing demand for faster and better review of the document portfolio, in order to cover all risks at hand and report back to stakeholders. PwC Legal combines in-depth legal expertise with state-of-the-art machine learning technologies, to deliver you high-quality document review in a timely and cost-effective manner. Read our use case, or contact us for more information.


Document & Knowledge Automation

Improve productivity and saving valuable time? The advantages of document and knowledge automation are numerous. By automating certain legal processes, the risk of human errors can be reduced. For your department, this leads to a general improvement of quality and to the possibility to delegate work to more junior employees. Thereby allowing the legal function to focus on specialized matters. Automated solutions for the legal department can entail a modular approach; the optimisation of legal processes, knowledge automation (clause library), standardisation and document assembly. We are more than happy to discuss what suits your department best, please let us know if we can be at help.

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