Digital Forensics and E-Discovery

In today's society, companies use a wide range of devices and applications to store data. A distinction can be made between structured data (databases) and unstructured data (e-mails, office documents and photos).

In most cases this data is accessible, in other cases a forensic specialist must make the data available or accessible again. You can think of recovering deleted files, investigating manipulated or falsified information, analyzing whether and how intellectual property has left your organization, in short, the scenarios are diverse.

We are a strong and experienced team with in-depth technical skills that have advanced techniques to collect and analyze both types of data quickly and professionally. Whether data from a personal computer, telephone or tablet needs to be secured, or data needs to be collected from the Cloud or from corporate systems, we monitor your broader commercial and legal interests in our work.

Use global opportunities and technology to offer you strategic insight: Digital Forensics and eDiscovery + Investigative Analytics = e-Investigations

This is how we can help you:

  • We have 6 centers of excellence worldwide, including one in Amsterdam;
  • We have more than 65 forensic technology laboratories in more than 35 countries;
  • We have a worldwide network of forensic technology specialists with a uniform working method so that we can deliver the continuity and quality you require for large, complex, high-profile projects;
  • We constantly invest in the most modern technologies and software with which we can efficiently secure, process, analyze and produce large amounts of complex data;
  • Our technological solution is mobile, which means that we can deploy it anywhere in the world, including when you cannot or should not leave your organization.

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Rinaldo Albers

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