SDG Values Assessment

Transforming your organisation

Society increasingly pays attention to the role that organisations play in the world. What impact do they have? Do they create value, other than from a financial perspective? 

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development looks set to transform the world within the next decade4. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an internationally-recognised framework that can help transform your organisation. Embedding the SDGs into your organisation will help you to identify new opportunities, increase trust, reduce cost and lower your risk exposure.

Why your culture is key in driving your sustainable ambitions

Setting a strategy is one thing but delivering it is another. Employees are key to the successful delivery of a sustainable strategy. Obtaining early insights into their values can help identify the desired culture that your employees wish to be a part of. Creating this desired culture is vital to the development of behaviors and a strategy that supports the delivery of the 2030 Agenda. It allows an organisation to align its culture to its prioritized SDGs or focus on those SDGs already aligned with the desired culture. 


The organisational narrative, defined by purpose, values and strategy, shows how you want to make a difference in the world.


The degree to which organisations are living and contributing to the SDGs through their values, culture and internal practices.


The degree to which organisations make a direct positive contribution to the SDGs through their products, services, partnerships and supply chain.

How we can help you

The SDGs Values Assessment (a collaboration between PwC and the Barrett Values Centre) provides you with insights into how well your current and desired culture aligns with your sustainability targets. We can identify existing limiting values within your organisation which could make it difficult for your organisation to reach its sustainability targets. More importantly, we can provide insight into the specific strengths of your culture that will accelerate your sustainability ambitions. 

From insight to action

What can you do with the insights from the SDG Values Assessment tool?

We can help you to prioritise the SDGs for your organisation based on your employee values.

We can help you to re-fresh your culture to align with your sustainability targets. We will identify the critical behaviors of leadership and employees to create a more sustainable future.

We can help you to define next steps to change potential pitfalls (existing limiting values) and gaps that need extra attention to better align your culture to your sustainable ambitions.

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