Our internal innovation programme

The keywords for our internal innovation programme are stimulation and facilitation. We believe that by providing the right sorts of challenges to have satisfied employees, results in the best possible services for our clients.

Stimulate and facilitate

Each person is unique and is therefore stimulated and facilitated in different ways. For example, we will organise inspirational sessions about technology trends and innovation challenges, as well as offering innovative workshops.

Our company's innovation programme will help our innovators to develop their innovation ideas. They will be given time to develop their ideas and will be brought into contact with the right internal and external experts.

We will use 'sprint methods’, in which employees will spend a week fully focusing on the development of innovation.  We will involve our customers into this process too, so that the solution will work for them too.  If the reactions of our clients are positive and the business case is good, then a lean start-up development process will follow.

The best for our customers

Using innovation we can offer new perspectives on your key challenges.  We can only innovate by building up and validating our solutions with you.

What is good for our customers is also good for our staff

We continuously encourage our people to innovate, so that we can offer the best to our customers. PwC’ers can also develop themselves through the evolution of these innovations.  Via success stories and failures. Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of the DNA of our people.

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Steven Schotanus

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