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Do I have enough insight and control over my organization?

Organisations today are experiencing increasing pressure to become more efficient and agile, while balancing the need for greater insights into their strategy execution. A common challenge for many is the ability to link their strategic planning activities and outcomes to their business planning effort. The organizations who successfully bridge this gap, integrating their strategy and planning, are best positioned to achieve their long-term goals.

The Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Navigator has been designed to help organizations understand the level of maturity of their EPM practice and understand ways to improve.

What is Enterprise Performance Management?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the art of enabling strategy execution in the most efficient and effective way. This means the active management of performance in line with strategy across all areas of the business. It is based on the right and relevant insight and being able to translate this into meaningful decision-making and actions.

Why is effective EPM important?

  • Faster realization of strategy
  • Higher corporate agility
  • Fast decision-making enabled by clear criteria
  • A motivated workforce that understands its contribution to strategy realization
  • Less resources spent on non-value adding activities

EPM is a simple and intuitive methodology, however it seems to be difficult in practice

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) has been around for a long time. Many of its concepts are intuitive and are most likely familiar to you.

And yet, we experience many organizations struggle to put their strategy into practice effectively. More often than not this is driven by the lack of a clear picture of their performance. Many management boards are dissatisfied with their management information. Manual reports and spreadsheet are still common practice and the majority of organizations have no explicit link between strategy and KPIs.

To help organizations address this crucial business process, PwC offers the EPM Navigator which gives organizations practical insights where to improve across seven key components of the Enterprise Performance Management framework.

The seven dimensions of the EPM Navigator

The extent to which the company’s strategy has been translated into strategic objectives

The extent to which the vision & plan have been translated into a governance structure

The extent to which key processes for the planning and control performance cycle are in place

The extent to which reporting and analytics enable focus on the right steering metrics

The extent to which the IT architecture and digital tools enable steering of the organization

The extent to which the required data available in a timely, accurate and reliable manner

The extent to which the right skills and talent in place

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What is in it for you?


Insight into how mature your organisation is in terms of Enterprise Performance Management for all 7 predefined components compared to other organisations (benchmark).


Concrete and powerful suggestions where you can improve across the 7 EPM components.

Internal validation of intent versus perception

The possibility to have the EPM Navigator completed by multiple people from your organisation in order to validate intent versus perception.


The assessment is discussed in a follow-up session with one of our EPM experts to go over insights and opportunities for improvement.

What’s next?

If you fill in the EPM Navigator you will receive immediate feedback.

We will discuss the output with you in a planned detailed feedback session with one of our EPM experts to further discuss potential improvements. 

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