European Economic Outlook 2020

At the Economic Office of PwC we regularly map the macroeconomic developments in Europe. In our newest Europe Monitor we have a closer look at the economic developments in 2020.

What does 2020 hold for Europe?

What does the future hold for Europe? We try to answer that question in our European Economic Outlook 2020. At a time when stagnation seems ever more likely in developed economies, a focus on economic growth and other key macroeconomic metrics persists, albeit with much more nuanced views on what these metrics should capture. This rethink of key macroeconomic metrics – such as gross domestic product and inflation – follows from the acknowledgement that we now live in a different or new economy.

With aging resulting in a constantly decreasing supply of labour and a higher old-age dependency ratio, the answer seems to lie in investing in productive capabilities and in untapping the potential of technological innovation. Investment in fixed capital, R&D spending, and the containment of waste and pollution externalities are key.

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