The road to circularity

At the Economic Office of PwC we regularly map the macroeconomic developments in Europe. In our newest Europe Monitor we have a closer look at the road to circularity: why a circular economy is becoming the new normal.

Why a circular economy is becoming the new normal

For too long, we based our global economic system on a linear model that brought about economic growth and prosperity. However, it has come at a cost and caused an alarming level of environmental degradation. In our main article, we will highlight the economic dynamics behind the unsustainable linear model and offer suggestions for solutions embedded in a circular model.

Furthermore, economic momentum slowed in the Eurozone and inflation dropped, this prompted the ECB to take measures and loosen monetary policy even further, with the aim to revive economic activity. Although economic conditions differ per country, the currency union has increasingly become vulnerable to adverse conditions. In the Country Update we shed a light on the Dutch economy.

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