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Salesforce + PwC

The world's number one customer relationship management platform will transform the way your people and organisation connect with your customers.

How are we so sure it works? We use it ourselves.

Hello, tomorrow. Meet your fully-connected customer

A new value equation to fuel your customer experience

Outcomes-focused. Battle-tested. Innovation-fueled. This is the new value equation for better customer experiences, and it’s your formula for sustained competitive advantage and growth.

We’re building customer-centricity and adaptability directly into your business. Powered with perspective, and driven by experts in the field, this is an equation that goes end-to-end to ensure every transformation delivers tangible impact.

Say hello to customer centricity, say hello to tomorrow.

How we can help

Our PwC Salesforce specialists will support you throughout your digital transformation journey. We’ll work closely with you to determine your company’s unique needs and provide a tailored solution powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce is fully customisable, allowing you to create a platform of components specific to your needs like a customer portal, automated messaging centre, cloud commerce, artificial intelligence-powered analytics and much more. As a leading provider and global strategic partner of Salesforce, our specialists are happy to facilitate the stand-out experience your customers demand by enabling your people through the power of technology.

Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is a platform that allows you to combine your own Salesforce data with data from other systems (such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Dynamics, GoogleBigQuery). Einstein Analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to explore your data and give you the right insights. Einstein Analytics can help to segment and find new target groups and gives you recommendations for your content. The insights are visualized by means of interactive dashboards, reports and graphs and invite you to further discovery. As a result, your organization makes the step from analyzing and explaining to predicting and improving.

We have 30 certified Einstein specialists, including an Einstein Champion, who can help you with the implementation of Einstein Analytics.

Our Salesforce cloud solutions

Sales Cloud

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It gives you all the CRM capabilities you need to link with customers, close deals and network via social/mobile from anywhere. With Sales Cloud, you can increase customer satisfaction and market share and improve profitability.

Transform your business model with a unified quote-to-cash solution.

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Service Cloud

Simply smart, social, and streamlined customer service: make your call centre instantly social, increase customer loyalty and engagement and deliver answers anywhere.

Field Service Lightning (FSL)
Connect your workforce to deliver intelligent and productive onsite service with Field Service Lightning.

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Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud platform allows marketers to create and manage campaigns and customer journeys. Our Salesforce team can help you create a customised deployment according to your needs, giving you the full advantage of its great features: Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Web Studio, Journey Builder, Audience Builder, and much more.

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This marketing automation platform can power your B2B marketing into the online, cloud and social era. It has email marketing, lead nurturing, ROI reporting, social marketing and sales intelligence: everything you need for marketing success.

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Cloud Platform

The Salesforce Platform combines all the tools you need for game-changing mobile and social apps. Our Salesforce specialists can help you customise your Salesforce CRM to suit your company’s unique needs: use it to build customer apps, quickly create websites and digital marketing campaigns, manage data in the Salesforce cloud database and much more.

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B2B Commerce Cloud

This complete B2C and B2B platform connects your commerce to service, marketing and sales channels.

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Einstein Analytics

Use this platform to spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and so much more.

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Data integration

MuleSoft enables developers to integrate different connectors for exchanging data easily and quickly. Via the Anypoint Platform, they can integrate software as a service (SaaS)

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Salesforce project and release management
With our extensive Salesforce experience, we’re aware of the strong and weak points of a Salesforce deployment. Gathering all the configuration files can be cumbersome and time consuming - this is where Rellex comes in.

As an easy-to-use project management tool, Rellex will help you manage your projects, releases, sprints and user stories. At the same time, Rellex will help you track configuration changes directly on your user stories to help you remember what you modified in Salesforce and save time when you deploy your changes to another environment. Once you’re ready to deploy, there's no need to create a changeset - Rellex deploys user stories for you!

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Converse for nonprofits

Converse is a full Salesforce CRM solution for nonprofits - built on the Salesforce App Cloud - to facilitate your fundraising activities and help your organisation build and nurture relationships with each of your constituents: Donors, Members, Volunteers and Legacy. 

Via the user-friendly Converse mobile app, you can collect and manage funds: Converse is equipped to process SEPA direct debit online payments. 

The app allows for easy organisation of constituents, segmentation of  donors and more, enabling you to enhance the customer experience by providing personalised journeys. 

Contact us now to find out more about the feature-packed Converse app, and how it can help you enhance your stakeholder relationships through a streamlined, tailored experience.

Find out more about Converse here.

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Why PwC?

PwC’s a global strategic Salesforce Partner composed of 80+ Salesforce-certified consultants, developers and architects. 

As Salesforce pioneers, we delivered the first implementation in Benelux back in 2002 and have successfully completed thousands since. Our dedicated Salesforce experts have the tools and experience to guide you through every step of your customer experience transformation.

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PwC solutions powered by Salesforce

FullForce Solutions

Always on Workforce

PwC's Always On Workforce solution helps employees discover, engage and collaborate—boosting employee satisfaction, productivity and innovation throughout the entire work lifecycle.


PwC’s OneBank Solution helps relationship managers and consumer bankers deeply understand their clients and book of business in a way they could not before, with a true Customer 360, based on proactive alerts, analytics, and tailored insight into the needs of their clients and relationships.

Patient Digital Care

PwC Patient Digital Care is an intuitive, easy-to-use portal that enables providers to extend care beyond the office visit to easily deliver personalized information, services, and support to patients throughout the treatment cycle.

Retail Clienteling

PwC’s Retail Clienteling Solution is a cloud-based platform that helps retailers deliver a differentiated, personalized, and seamless experience to their customer. It integrates with the hardware and/or legacy applications retailers need to run their business.

Sales and Marketing Excellence

PwC’s Sales and Marketing Excellence Solution is an end-to-end process solution from initial inquiry to order, all on a single platform. It provides a seamlessly integrated capability from sales through service that can help you improve speed and efficiency, turn insights into action, and increase customer loyalty.

SmartAgent for Healthcare

PwC’s SmartAgent for Healthcare solution helps health plans deliver seamless, integrated customer support to members. The solution enables customer service agents to leverage box workflows and call scripts to increase their efficiency in resolving member inquiries.

Wealth Management 2.0

PwC’s Wealth Management solution improves a wealth manager’s experience, productivity, and efficiency by providing a 360? customer view. It helps wealth managers advise their clients and select the right investment products.

Lightning Bolt Accelerators

Employee Service Platform: On-Boarding and Self Service

PwC’s Onboarding and Self-Service Solution is an employee engagement solution that enables a company’s workforce to find any information they need.

Employee Service Platform: Pre-Boarding

PwC’sPre-Boarding Solution guides newly hired employees through an intuitive pre-boarding process.

Employee Service Platform: Recruiting

PwC’s Recruiting Solution uses predictive and artificial intelligence to create a single destination for HR teams to manage all of their recruiting processes.

Supplier Relationship Management

PwC’s Supplier Relationship Management Solution (SRM) is a cloud-based integrated solution, that facilitates collaboration and increases relationship visibility between suppliers and buyers with intuitive, self-service capabilities for suppliers in a central location.

Supplier Marketing Community

PwC’s Supplier Marketing Community is a user-friendly solution leveraging Salesforce Communities. It provides suppliers a “one stop shop” for personalized, real-time marketing campaign information.

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