A step in your digital transformation

Digital data storage and editing on external machines is an issue for all organisations. The most frequently asked question is no longer whether you will make the switch to the Cloud, but when and how. Do you know how to maximize the benefits of the cloud without losing sight of the risks?

Een stap in uw digitale transformatie

Cloud technology: improving customer service and business operations 

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important for companies and organizations to serve customers and improve business operations. This requires an increasing commitment from IT departments to integrate the latest technological developments. Because IT is not a core competence for most organisations, a step towards the cloud is often obvious. In this way, your organisation has access to the latest software, innovative digital applications and optimal cyber security.

A step in your digital transformation

A step to the cloud is a step in your digital transformation. Cloud technology helps standardize and automate processes, reduce costs and increase operational effectiveness. But how do you achieve a well-executed cloud strategy with an appropriate focus on governance? Our experts will support you with this question from an independent position, with broad experience in many sectors.

Checklist for your step to the cloud 

  • Your cloud strategy is aligned with your long-term business goals 
  • Your cloud-based IT infrastructure is scalable, resilient and has adequate security 
  • Your business operations are ready for the cloud and your employees have a clear roadmap for the transition to the new operating model. 
  • Your cloud services meet regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • The contractual obligations of your cloud providers are robust and tailored to your expectations 
  • You are familiar with all the cloud services used in your organisation

Our basic principles for your step to the cloud


Provide a secure basis with IAM policies and roles, encryption and key management with an integrated Active Directory. 


Develop and implement the necessary controls to meet the requirements of security, compliance and legislation and regulations. 

DevOps and automation 

Develop an automated operation. Start automating on time to achieve consistent and repeatable operation across different environments and regions. 


Develop building blocks and application patterns that are scalable depending on demand, network traffic and events 

Operations and monitoring 

Develop Infra/App monitoring and alerts that report on capacity, performance and availability. Integrate logging capabilities that enable aggregation, archiving and auditing. 


Exclude single points of failure and develop systems that remain available in the event of errors and can be repaired automatically after failure.

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