Game of Threats – A cyber threat simulation

Game of Threats is a digital game that is designed to create cybersecurity awareness. During this game two teams play against each other. One team will try to defend itself against the cyberattacks the other team, the threat actors, will deliver.

The game environment creates a realistic experience where both sides are required to make quick decisions with minimal information at hand. After the game we evaluate, together with the teams, the decisions that were made in order to learn and get insight into the consequences of these decisions.

Game of Threats is all about critical decision-making and it enables players to get insight into the complexity of cybersecurity and the steps that need to be taken to better secure their organisation against attacks.

Game of Threats gives insight into:

  • The complexity of cybersecurity,
  • What a cyberattack is,
  • The ability of your organisation to react to a cyberattack,
  • What strategic choices should be considered to organise your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Practical information

A Game of Threats session takes about four hours, during which multiple rounds can be played. This way the players will learn from different cybersecurity strategies, as well as be able to act on the attacker and defender side.

An experienced cybersecurity specialist will lead the game and will provide on-the-spot feedback about strategy and decision-making. The Game can be played at a PwC office, but also on-site.

The target audience consists of board members and people at management level. Knowledge on cybersecurity is not mandatory to be able to play the Game of Threats.

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