E-learning on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A key element in achieving GDPR compliance is the training of the employees in the organisation.

PwC's e-learning will ensure that your organisation obtains the necessary knowledge and is thereby equipped to comply with the requirements of the Regulation.

PwC’s e-learning modules are organised in accordance with the articles of the GDPR and contain relevant knowledge checks and tests as well as feedback based on the user’s replies.

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Flexible module structure

PwC’s e-learning consists of modules enabling your organisation to customise it according to your specific needs.

For example, employees, executives and departments are likely to need different knowledge about the GDPR. Therefore, PwC’s e-learning modules are designed to train employees according to need irrespective of their qualifications and areas of responsibility.

1) Processing of personal data

1.1 Introduction to the EU GDPR

1.2 Definition of personal data

1.3 Processing of personal data

1.4 Lawful processing of non-sensitive personal data

1.5 Lawful processing of sensitive personal data

1.6 Consent

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2) Rights of data subjects

2.1 General requirements regarding the rights of data subjects

2.2 Information to be provided

2.3 Right of access

2.4 Right to rectification

2.5 Right to erasure

2.6 Restriction

2.7 Data portability

2.8 Right to object

2.9 Profiling

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3) Data controller and data processor

3.1 Definition of data controller and data processor

3.2 Data processing agreements

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4) Supervision

4.1 Supervisory authority

4.2 Notification of breach of personal data security

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5) Security

5.1 Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

5.2 Security of processing

5.3 Privacy by design, and privacy by default


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We can offer you:

  • Modular e-learning based on the structure of the GDPR articles
  • Testing of the employees' understanding of the rules and requirements of the GDPR
  • E-learning to be used on different platforms e.g. Mobilephone, tablet or laptop
  • E-learning to be structured and customised according to your specific needs
  • E-learning to be hosted or on-premise.

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