Watch our webcast 'Coronavirus impacts and updates - 1' again

Now the coronavirus is spreading around the world, the first priority is people’s well-being. But the economic impact of the measures the government is taking in order to contain the virus from spreading further, is also considerable. Right now, nobody can foresee the full scope of the impact of the corona crisis. Yet, there are some practical points of attention, as well as some measures you can already take in order to limit the impact on your business as much as possible.

Of course, we can imagine you may have questions about the consequences of this extraordinary situation and the right approach to it. We may be able to help you find answers and support you in these uncertain times. That’s why we would like to invite you to our webcast: "Measures against the impact of the coronavirus".

On Friday, 20 March we organized a webcast about the latest developments, the impact on organizations, and how you can respond to the consequences of the pandemic. You can watch the webcast here.


  • Leadership in times of crisis by Peter van Uhm, former commander of the armed forces and consultant to PwC
  • A grip on liquidity and financial measures by Edwin van Wijngaarden, partner at PwC
  • Measures with regard to personnel by Nicolien Borggreve, partner at PwC
  • Government support and fiscal measures by Diederik van Dommelen, partner at PwC

Watch the webcast again

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